The current business ecosystem is extremely competitive. In such a scenario, it is essential to carve a brand that is truly customer-centric. Luckily, there are many technologies and tools that can be used to enhance operational efficiency and provide an exceptional experience to clients.

If you are looking for innovative ways to boost your customer service levels, there is nothing better than investing in SaaS helpdesk software. It is an ideal tool for customer support teams as it helps them sort out, prioritize, and process client enquiries, issues, complaints etc.

Many organizations are keen to go ahead, and get SaaS help desk software, but are skeptical due to so many options in the market. While it may seem to be a daunting task to choose the best one for your organization, it’s not impossible. Research all product offerings, go through customer reviews, and discuss your options with various service providers. 

Make sure to choose a credible vendor who will provide excellent support and customize the system to suit your business requirements. To make the process a bit easier, we have compiled a list of the best 9 SaaS help desk software that can streamline communication and increase bottom line results:

  • Hubspot: A comprehensive marketing and sales suite of tools, Hubspot is one of the most popular help desk solutions available in the market. The platform provides a unified central dashboard that displays the current status of all parameters, and increases transparency across all team members. Hubspot automates all repetitive tasks, and is user-friendly, hence does not require any specialized technical knowledge for operation.

Pricing: Hubspot has three pricing plans-


  • Starter: 50$ per month
  • Professional: 400$ per month
  • Enterprise: 1200$ per month
  • Zendesk Support: An ideal platform for small-medium businesses and enterprises, Zendesk Support is a complete helpdesk software with a wide array of useful features. It enables call agents to create their own personalized macros to provide better service. Zendesk has integrations with various other applications; hence it supports the seamless transfer of data, and also has an interactive dashboard that displays all key metrics. 

Pricing: Zendesk Support offers free trials to users. The Support Plan is priced at between $5-$199 per agent, and can be customized to business requirement. 


  • Intercom: A market leader in the live chat domain, Intercom is a popular helpdesk ticketing software that boosts performance and task flow management. It has a highly visible team inbox that boosts team collaboration and data sharing. Intercom automates agent tasks, thereby giving them more free time to focus on quality client engagement and strategic decision-making.


Pricing: Intercom provides a free 14-day trial to interested users. It has these four pricing plans-


  • Acquire: 87$ per month
  • Engage: 49$ per month


    • Support: 87$ per month


  • Integrated Package: 136$ per month



  • Freshdesk: A well-known and trusted helpdesk solution, Freshdesk is immensely popular due to its user-friendly interface, novel features, and excellent customer support. It enables users to convert emails to tickets, thus ensuring that customers receive quick and seamless service. Freshdesk has an integrated suite of collaboration tools that build workplace engagement and give access of real-time data to all team members.


Pricing: Freshdesk provides a free trial for 21 days. It has the following pricing plans-

    • Blosson: 15$/per agent/per month


  • Garden: 29$/per agent/per month 


    • Estate: 49$/per agent/per month


  • Forest: 109$/per agent/per month



  • Salesforce Service Cloud:
  • Many organizations across the globe use Salesforce to power their customer service, sales and CRM operations. It has a range of innovative features, and even has automated chatbots that can handle customer requests, without human intervention. Salesforce has integrations with many important business applications, and is a fully customizable and scalable help desk tool.


Pricing: Salesforce provides a free trial for 14 days. It has the following pricing plans-

    • Starter: 25$/per agent/per month


  • Professional: 75$/per agent/per month 


    • Enterprise: 150$/per agent/per month


  • Unlimited: 300$/per agent/per month



  • Zohodesk: An all-inclusive SaaS help desk solution, Zohodesk provides call agents with all the tools that they require to remain productive and provides them with real-time data for quality decision making. It has a visual and interactive dashboard that displays all performance indicators and customer information. Zohodesk is simple in its approach, and requires minimal technical training, due to a user-friendly interface. 


Pricing: Zohodesk has three pricing plans-


  • Standard: $12/per agent/per month


    • Professional: $20/per agent/per month


  • Enterprise: $35/per agent/per month



  • JIRA: A popular project management tool, JIRA also comes well-equipped with a suite of help desk solutions. Comprehensive marketing and sales suite of tools. It is designed for IT teams, and helps them streamline business communication, and automate repetitive tasks. A versatile platform, JIRA can be used to provide smooth customer service and boost efficiency in all CRM & sales functional domains. 


Pricing: JIRA provides a free trial for 7 days. It has a starter plan for 10$ per month for small teams (3 agents), and a professional one for growing teams that is priced at $20 per month.


  • Happyfox: A holistic SaaS help desk software, Happyfox is flexible, and has numerous useful features. It helps in the structured assignment of customer tickets, so that clients do not have to face long queues or slow service. Happyfox has a sleek portal that is easy-to-use, and provides great user support, making it a good option for small-medium businesses of all industries. 


Pricing: Happyfox has the following four pricing plans-


  • Mighty: $29/per agent/per month


    • Fantastic: $49/per agent/per month


  • Enterprise: $69 per agent/per month
  • Enterprise Plus:$89 per agent/per month


  • Helpdesk by Livechat: Known for their live chat tool, this is an immensely trusted help desk platform that simplifies workflow management. It can be used to customize tickets, and manage them on a single unified platform. It has a number of smart features such as status search, database management, in-built CRM integration and real-time reporting.


Pricing: Livechat provides a free trial for 14 days. It has various pricing plans that start at $19 per agent per month. 

If your organization wants to step up, and remain miles ahead of the competition, do not ignore the power of SaaS help desk software. After all, if you do not keep your valued customers happy, they will surely move on to rival organizations and this will lead to a loss of brand reputation and unhappy clients.

Help desk solutions can help in a number of functional tasks such as ticket assignment, SLA management, sales analytics and real-time reporting. It empowers call agents by giving them complete access to vital customer data, so that they can enhance performance and deliver better results.

Make sure to make an informed decision while choosing a help desk platform. You do not want to get associated with an unreliable service provider, as that can have a long lasting negative impact on revenues and productivity. Choose from our list of 9 best help desk software tools to witness a dramatic transformation at your workplace in the right direction. 

It is high time to jump onboard and invest in a SaaS help desk platform, as it will surely have a positive impact on all key bottom line parameters and help your organization achieve instant business success!