cheap hosting does not have to be synonymous with poor quality. There are cheap hosting plans that perfectly meet the needs of many projects that do not need to make a major investment, especially at the beginning, where the resources used are less.

We are clear that the best quality-price hosting are Webempresa and Raiola Networks , which although they offer very cheap plans and are within the reach of almost all pockets, they are not the cheapest.

Be careful, normally, this type of low-priced hosting is more limited in the space they offer on disk, in monthly visits or in RAM memory, but if you are just starting out or your project is small, you probably won’t need much more. In addition, they have the advantage that you can start with a low-cost plan and then, if your project needs it, upgrade to a higher plan just by notifying your hosting company.

If your budget allows it from the beginning, we would recommend you go directly to choose the best hosting in Spain and leave aside the cheap ones.

Comparative table of the best cheap hosting in Spain

If you don’t want to wait and want to have a look at which plan is the cheapest and what each of them offers, here is this table where you can easily compare what each one offers.

What features should a cheap hosting have?

That it costs little money does not mean that it is bad , but that some of its features are inferior because you most likely do not need them.

An affordable quality hosting must meet these requirements:

  • Good Support – Customer support and care should be the same as their higher plans. The limitation of benefits should not influence the care they provide to the user.
  • Good speed – You probably won’t have the same loading speed as more expensive hosting, but it should be acceptable and offer a good user experience to your visitors.
  • Expandable in the future : The best thing about these plans is that, if your project grows, you can upgrade to a better plan with a simple click, without having to migrate it to another hosting. A good cheap hosting company will always offer scalable plans.
  • Maintain the price in the future : It is useless to pay little money for hosting the first year if they want to charge you much more for the renewal.
  • Backup copies : A “must” always. Make sure they make regular backups. You don’t realize it until you need one.

Classification of the best cheap hosting

1. Hostinger


Hostinger has always been characterized by offering cheap hosting but always maintaining quality standards. For a few months it has greatly improved its resources and today it offers good hosting at a very attractive price. We could say that it is the cheapest web hosting company on the market and that it offers the best features

For less than €1 per month you have a hosting with everything you may need to start a project on the internet without spending too much.

The only problem we see with this cheap plan is that it lacks free SSL. For this we would recommend you take the cheap WordPress Hosting plan, which for just €2.15/month you have a piece of hosting, yes, with everything you may need to set up your professional web project.

Now you can also take advantage of this Hostinger coupon with which you save 7% on their best offer.

2. Hostinet


Hostinet is not the cheapest of all, as we will see later, but it is one of the ones that we like the most in Spain for its price . You will not find a better hosting than this for just €3 per month considering that they are SSD disks (There is another cheaper plan for €2.14/month.

In addition, unlike other companies, the data centers of this company are in Spain, which will be beneficial for the SEO and positioning of your website.

They also offer free SSL and Spanish IP, in case you had any questions.

We have client projects hosted on Hostinet and we have never had any problems. The support is also equally exceptional.

3. Sered


Sered offers a starter plan for less than 3 euros (€2.95), which is not bad to start with.

With this simple plan, the best of all is that they offer free SSL, Spanish IP and data center in Spain, so if you are looking for the best cheap hosting in Spain , this may be one of your best options along with Hostinet that we have mentioned first.

Daily backups and free migration from your old hosting are your weapons to get more customers.

Sered is already quite cheap, but if you also use this Sered discount code you will get an additional 10%.

4. Webempresa


Webempresa is our favorite hosting along with others like Raiola Networks. It is usually somewhat higher in price than the competition but it is common to find an offer or else, with our discount coupon you can always get it with 25% less price, so in the end it works out very well for you.

Despite being somewhat more expensive, its features, protection and high performance are well worth it. We can say that a website hosted by Webempresa will hardly be hacked. We have had web pages hosted with them for years and we have never suffered any hacks. This same website, for example, is hosted with them.

5. Raiola Networks


As with Webempresa, we love Raiola Networks. It offers spectacular performance and its support is very good. But, to tell the truth, its price is the highest in this comparison, for this reason we place it in 5th place and not before.

If it weren’t for the price, it would be our favourite, but since it’s more than twice the price of other options, we’d simply recommend it if your budget allows.

As we say, its benefits are very good and its customer service is the best we have tried. If you dare to approve it, we leave you this discount coupon with which you can save 20%. At least it will be cheaper for you.

6.SW Hosting


SW Hosting is perhaps a more unknown company but it has a very cheap hosting plan with very good features and that we think you should check out.

For €2.92 you have your own hosting plan with SSD disks, 5GB of space and unlimited traffic. Their servers are also in Spain and the support is very good.

They also even offer a free hosting plan if you want to try them out first. This plan at a cost of €0 is very basic but it may serve to give you an idea of ​​how this company works.

7. Neolo


Despite the fact that it is less known here, Neolo is one of the largest hosting companies in Latin America (in fact, it has a presence in almost all countries) and now that it has made the leap to the rest of the continents, we can hire its hosting services in Spain.

And you can also do it at a very affordable price. Specifically, for €1.37/month you can get your plan 1 in which you get:

  • Host 1 domain.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited databases.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Website Builder.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • Application installer (WordPress compatible, of course).

In summary, a fairly complete plan considering that the cost is less than €2/month. Although unfortunately, it has a “but”.

And it is that although the price is real and there is no trick or cardboard, it is a 50% welcome discount that is only available during the first billing period .

The good news is that if you choose annual billing you benefit from it all year but when you renew, the fee will go up.

8. DonDominio


MrDomain is known as one of the best domain registrars but what few people know is that they also offer web hosting services.

And within the different plans that it has, there is the basic accommodation that, for €25/year, offers:

  • 1gb of web space.
  • 25gb of monthly traffic (€0.5 for each additional gigabyte).
  • 15 email accounts (1GB of space per account).
  • Web builder.
  • Application installer (WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.).
  • Daily backups.
  • Supports SSL certificate.

A great plan to start your online adventure with the minimum investment but without giving up good hosting.

9. Professional Hosting


One of our favorite web hosting companies but that we put in last place because the price is already somewhat higher than those mentioned above and the performance is somewhat lower.

Its most basic plan has a price of €3.92, which is still very good, but first we wanted to offer you other plans that have an unbeatable price.

If you can afford to pay a little more Professional Hosting then it is the best option since our other favorite companies such as Webempresa or Raiola Networks start from a higher price and we are not going to include them in this comparison.

With the most affordable plan you will have practically everything: Spanish IP, data center in Spain, free SSL, SSD disks and even free CDN integration in a very simple way.

10. Axarnet


Axarnet is a Spanish hosting company that has a wide variety of hosting plans, both shared and virtual and dedicated servers.

If you are looking for a cheap hosting option, they offer a plan without CMS included that is usually at a 50% discount, so you can get it for just €2.90/month.

In addition, this cheap plan brings 20GB of web space, making it one of the options that offers more space at such a low price, in addition to offering you a free domain name with your contract.

The best good and cheap hosting for WordPress

If you plan to use this CMS to create your website (which would be normal) and you are looking for cheap hosting that is compatible with it, our recommendation is Sered.

Specifically, we are referring to its Basic shared hosting plan which, as we have told you above, is the best cheap hosting in Spain (and which also allows you to install WordPress).

On the other hand, and despite the fact that Sered has data centers in Chile and Brazil, if you reside in a Latin American country Neolo is surely a more attractive option since to all the advantages that we have told you before, you must add being able to pay with your local model and use the most common payment methods in your country.

And although many do not classify its fee of €5.45/month as “cheap hosting”, no one can deny that in terms of price-quality ratio, no one is up to the Raiola Networks “Start SSD Hosting” plan.

Especially if what you are looking for is that the server is configured to get the most out of WordPress because there, they are almost unbeatable.

And don’t forget that you can get a better price thanks to our 20% discount coupon in Raiola.

What is the price of cheap hosting?

To tell the truth, the prices of hosting plans are generally quite cheap for everything they give us. The fierce competition that exists in the market means that we can take advantage of it and for very little money we have companies willing to offer us very good plans.

In order to classify a hosting as cheap, we have looked at the companies that offer a quality plan for €3 or €4 per month . It is true that for a little more you have professional web hosting, but not everyone can or wants to spend that little more, for this reason we offer these alternatives.

Thus, a web hosting that costs about 3 euros per month can be considered very cheap but it must offer average quality, otherwise it will not be worth it.

Final conclusion for a good choice

Remember, the price of hosting is not at odds with its quality . Give up features that you are not going to need but never give up a minimum quality that will ruin the future of your project if it does not meet certain minimum requirements.