The best examples of SMS marketing in 2022 can help you improve the bond with your customers and even attract new leads . And it is that, despite the progress of other tools for mobile devices, short messages are still the preferred communication channel for many companies.

Nowadays, it is already an anomaly to meet people who do not have a mobile phone. According to a study by the GSMA, the association that brings together the global mobile industry, in 2020 there were more than 5.7 billion users. A compelling reason to bet on SMS Marketing.

Fundamental elements of SMS marketing examples in 2022

The best SMS Marketing campaigns have some common characteristics. These are some of the elements you should know when you start developing your own promotions:

1.- SMS that leads to a landing page


In this case, the user is provided with brief information in the message that they can then expand upon by clicking a link.

SMS leading to landing pages is one of the most interesting SMS marketing trends, as it has the advantage of adaptability. During the analysis of your campaign you can rectify the content you are targeting once the SMS has been sent. With this, you only need to modify the link and thus direct the user to a more refined content.

2.- Unicode message

SMS have a standard size of 160 characters, which represents a more than correct communication capacity. Even so, it is a size that is expandable through links.

The validity of these 160 characters is only for the most common alphabet, that is, the so-called GSM. The GSM alphabet contains all Latin characters, digits, and some special characters, such as % or @. Therefore, this would leave as invalid all those characters other than Latin and that are typical of other languages.

Unicode messages are essential in the best examples of SMS marketing in 2022. This is because they allow alphabets such as Arabic, Thai, Russian or Chinese to be sent by SMS. Likewise, it is able to break down these technical barriers and send content in all languages ​​internationally .

3.- Personalized SMS

Personalization is one of the main trends in SMS marketing by providing a closer relationship with the recipient. In a market in which the user is less and less loyal , it is necessary to invest in proper customer service.

In addition, personalizing your SMS marketing campaigns gives you a certain differentiation in the market , which is a considerable advantage. It also allows you to individualize the content and, therefore, obtain better results.

There are various types of personalized SMS that are also reflected in the best examples of SMS marketing in 2022:

A.- Greeting SMS

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday. And more if it is accompanied by an offer in honor of that occasion. Similarly, this form of SMS is also valid to congratulate Christmas, New Year or other holiday period.

B.- SMS reminder

Sometimes keeping the agenda up to date can be chaotic, both for the client and for the company. If the user has made an appointment, a reminder SMS will allow you to offer an additional service and save yourself the losses caused by forgetting.

C.- Informative SMS

This type of SMS is considered one of the most useful, as it provides valuable information directly to your customers. For example, it is used to announce the arrival of a product, the change of schedule or the punctual closing of an establishment .

D.- SMS confirmation

If you send an SMS to confirm that a reservation, online purchase or cancellation has been processed, you will be able to transmit certain security to your client. In a world where online scams are numerous, showing professionalism towards users brings a higher degree of loyalty . Customer trust is essential.

4.- Promotion messages


Another element to consider from the best examples of SMS marketing in 2022 are messages for promotional purposes. While informative SMS can provide some differentiation, nothing maximizes results like offering an advantage .

That is, present special discounts, offers or gifts that are exclusive to the client. For this, there are various forms of presentation. For example, this type of strategy can be carried out with virtual coupons that the customer redeems by presenting the SMS in the store. Another option is to send QR codes to link to an exclusive entry or participation in a draw to win a prize.

You can also opt for the  cross selling technique . That is, when making a sale you can send an SMS proposing an additional product to the customer . For example, a discount on future purchases for the purchased product, the acquisition of a free unit for the purchase of another, etc.

In any case, the objective of this strategy is to create a good customer reception towards your SMS. The expectation of being able to receive a gift will make the user very aware of the messages you send him.

5 successful SMS marketing campaigns in 2022

There are not a few companies that have been able to adapt to the new SMS marketing trends in order to obtain benefits. Thus, they have developed promotions according to their public and the objectives set. These are some of the best SMS marketing campaigns of recent years.

1.- Baby Tula


The brand is known globally for manufacturing baby carriers. Despite being a recognized firm and having highly demanded products, they decided to go further: highlight distinctive limited edition baby carriers every two weeks. 

In a short time, it managed to stand out among its competitors and the definitive push was the SMS marketing campaign that gave its subscribers priority access to the promotion.

The data was staggering: 99% open rate, 50% click rate, and a 1,668% return on investment.

2.- The Good Guys


The company combined several styles to create one of the best SMS marketing success stories. The Australian company offered a discount of 25 dollars for every 100 spent. The SMS marketing campaign is therefore based on discounts and promotions for the consumption of products or services.

On the other hand, he managed to attract attention through his own style . The Good Guys combined capital letters with a simple message to captivate users . In addition, it is committed to renewing the promotions every so often. Success is the gasoline to continue innovating. In this way, users have not left the brand aside and continue to purchase its promotions.

3.- Toroe Eyewear


The company has taken SMS to another level. When the user makes a purchase on the web, a window immediately appears that invites him to click on a special link to obtain a code to use in future purchases .

You immediately receive a short message with the promo and a link to a landing page containing juicy offers. With this simple strategy, the list of subscribers to their promotions increased by 22% and the conversion rate increased by 200%.

4.- Steak My Day


The Portuguese company stands out for ingeniously combining short messages with posts on its social network profiles . It has been making waves in the digital advertising field for years and it is fair to consider it one of the best examples of SMS marketing in 2022.

The operation is basic. First, post a classic 2 for 1 promotion on social profiles. Within it, a link is included in which the user is asked to include their telephone number.

In this way, the brand creates a list of interested leads while attracting other users to it .

5.- Abercrombie & Fitch

Write-and-win  contests continue to be very successful. And they are a good way to increase the list of subscribers. The British clothing brand took a unique twist by using a tiered reward that further sweetened the initiative .

They created the keyword “Surprise” and invited people to send it via SMS. They automatically received gift vouchers of 5, 10, 15, 25 or even 250 euros. Everyone received a gift, and that was the great incentive of the campaign. But the grand prize of 500 euros made it more tempting.

In 2022, SMS marketing continues to consolidate itself as a useful and optimal channel to communicate with customers. Brands should take into account these types of campaigns to improve engagement and increase conversions , since, every day, these campaigns demonstrate their effectiveness and high reach.