WordPress, as you already know, is a content manager that allows you to have your own blog and manage it in an easy and simple way. In addition, using the best plugins for WordPress you can get high-quality professional finishes and the cost of making a website is much lower.

And it is precisely for this reason, because of its plugins and tools, that this famous CMS stands out over the competitionIt allows you to customize the blog at all levels, and incorporate different functions according to your needs.

WordPress web design plugins are the ones we will talk about today, since choosing the best ones will make your job easier when it comes to customizing the aesthetics of your blog. 

But, before getting to work, it is necessary to clarify what plugins are , and what they will allow you to do on your blog.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are applications that add additional functionality or new features to the software that hosts them, in this case a WordPress blog.

These modules, when installed in WordPress, allow you to add certain features to your blog, such as:

  • Contact form:  With plugins aimed at creating forms, you can design a section through which users can send their questions and comments that will arrive in the form of email.
  • Social networks:  You can include social network icons to share the content of the blog or get more followers.
  • Subscriptions:  If you work on the design of newsletters or other types of content for which users must register, you can use a plugin that helps you manage that database and new subscriptions.
  • SEO:  With the right plugin, you can work in a simpler way to position your content.

The list of plugins can be much longer; design plugins, functionalities, optimization, social media and everything you can think of. But today we are going to focus on appearance and web design plugins.

Advantages of using WordPress web design plugins

Whether you follow design trends in web pages, or if you prefer to follow your own instinct, plugins can be your allies to achieve the finish you are looking for.

The advantages of using WordPress web design plugins are several, including its ease of use. Work is simplified with these modules and they help you optimize time.

  • Design without being a designer:  The plugins help you create the finishes you are looking for without having great design knowledge.
  • Features with professional finishes:  If you want to include links, whether to social networks or other sites, plugins help you create buttons and boxes that give that link a more professional finish.
  • Complete customization:  Most web design plugins allow you to customize the design of the website, making all the elements of the blog work aesthetically.
  • Mobility in the structure:  The plugins that appear visually on your blog work as “boxes” that you can move to different positions, looking for the best structure for the site.

There are many free plugins, which are easy to download, of very good quality and that in turn allow our work to be optimized in the best possible way.

WordPress allows you to have full control over the layout of your pages and posts.It allows you to create and transform aspects of the web, even without being a professional in the field.

However, selecting the best WordPress plugins well is a task that should not be overlooked.

There are plugins that don’t work as well as we hope, or they can even mess up part of your blog. Don’t worry! You can always uninstall them again.

List of the best WordPress plugins for web design

Next, we are going to see a list of web design plugins that can help you when working on the aesthetics of your blog.

Visual Composer

This WordPress web design plugin is the best known in terms of web designIt is a paid tool, compatible with all types of browsers and versions of WordPress.

It has a button between the title and the main text of the entries that will allow you to insert and configure all the elements you want. It is aimed at both programming professionals and beginners , so it gives you the option of working directly on the design or the blog code.

This web design plugin allows you to create rows and columns within a post, include new aesthetic elements (such as calls to action or social media buttons), and integrate other plugins within the same post.

All the elements that Visual Composer allows you to configure can be edited without the need to write a single line of HTML code. It is a very intuitive and simple tool.

Also, it is fully responsive . It works by loading different dimensions of images and buttons, which adapt to the screen size at all times.

Aqua Page Builder

Within the web design plugins it is the most limited option. It is a free tool that allows you to create templates that you can duplicate, thus speeding up the work.

This plugin has 6 basic design elements :

  • text boxes
  • columns
  • widgets
  • alerts
  • Boards
  • Content dividers

Although it is one of the most limited, it is also the most intuitive. It allows you to drag and drop the elements at the point where you want them to appear. Once the element is placed, to modify its size you just have to click on the borders and drag them.

Zillas Short Codes

It is a design plugin aimed at creating small text codes that you can insert wherever you want.

Zillas Short Code allows you to select what you want to include in your blog and with what features, and then create that “short code” that you can include in your blog code.

With this plugin you can integrate:

  • Featured Texts
  • Buttons
  • columns
  • Tabs
  • dropdowns

It is a plugin very similar to the previous one, but less intuitive, since it requires some knowledge of HTML code. As a positive point, it is not only useful for publications, but it is useful for all types of pages.

Content Builder

Content Builder is a plugin that will allow you to graphically manage the content of the blog.With the technique of “drag and drop” it gives the possibility to improve and change any design element of the page.

It is available in 17 languages ​​and requires no prior programming knowledge, making it a premium tool suitable for all types of users.

With this plugin you can work from small elements like icons and logos, to maps, calendars, columns, and widget boxes.

Ether Content Builder

It is one of the best plugins for WordPress, since it is the most complete of all web design plugins. Of course, with a higher price than the others, but it allows you to optimize many more options.

Ether Content Builder generates a third tab, next to “Visual” and “HTML , which are the ones that appear by default in each entry. It is this third tab that will make your design work easier.

In it you can add blocks where you can place different elements:

  • Columns and tables
  • Images and galleries
  • Buttons and calls to action
  • Dividers, bottoms and boxes
  • Rich text with new formats
  • Maps and videos
  • Comments and social media posts
  • Forms and dropdowns

It is a responsive tool that adapts all the elements that you include, to the different screens that users use.

Manual Image Crop

Indispensable plugin for editing images within the blog itself. It allows you to rotate, crop and adapt them to your needs.

In addition, it guides you on how you should use the images for different uses and saves the different versions of each photo.


The tools that WordPress makes available to everyone are essential when it comes to improving a site, at the design level and at the functionality and optimization level.

It is especially in web design issues that you should be more careful when choosing a plugin that suits your needs, both aesthetic and management. Choosing the right plugin can make your day-to-day work easier and help you achieve the finish you’re looking for.

The best WordPress plugins oriented to web design are valid for both professionals and beginners. They are valid tools to simplify work and achieve good results in a simple way.