With the launch of the new Smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and others, the race is on to own the Smartphone of the season. The Smartphones have been introduced to meet all your communication needs and also enhance your lifestyle. The Smartphones of the coming days will provide you with the latest features like GPS, Web surfing and instant messaging. These Smartphones in the coming days will give you a chance to make your personal statement and design your life. The best part about these Smartphones is that they have the facility of internet browsing. The Top 5 upcoming Smartphone models in India which are worth buying in the coming years are:

HTC Desire HD: This is one of the hottest Smartphones in the current market. It has been designed keeping in mind the need of the working class. The HTC Desire HD offers you the facility of internet browsing and it has been loaded with great hardware and software. Moreover, it comes with some advanced features that will help you get through any occasion with ease. However, there are many who will not be interested in buying a smartphone that has so many disadvantages.

LG Optimus Prime: The LG Optimus Prime was launched in the market with the intention of providing a complete mobile experience to its users. It comes with an advanced touch screen which is smooth and provides a great viewing experience. There are plenty of applications and games that can be easily downloaded from the internet to enhance the phone’s performance. The LG Optimus Prime also comes with a 5.5-inch widescreen LCD screen. The battery life in this model is long lasting and you can enjoy long hours of chatting, browsing and using the camera. The screen is scratch resistant and you can expect good quality pictures and videos.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Mini: The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Mini comes with a smooth skin that will make your device look stylish and elegant. The Android operating system has been installed in this device along with the full QWERTY keyboard. The large multi touch keys and the large trackpad will allow you to perform a variety of tasks with ease. The memory of this phone is decent and it offers you ample storage space that will allow you to store lots of interesting apps and movies. The camera has been placed in a position where you can snap wonderful images and videos.

BlackBerry Storm: The BlackBerry Storm is another handset in the queue of the BlackBerry devices that are coming up in the near future. The BlackBerry Storm allows you to keep in touch with your friends through text messages and emails. You can also access the internet via WAP if your internet connectivity is very slow. The BlackBerry Storm also comes with a high end physical keyboard which will make it easier for you to type.

LG Nitro: The LG Nitro is one of the high end devices in the LG line up of devices that are expected to grace the Indian smart phone market very soon. The LG Nitro is equipped with a beautiful QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen of this device is really fantastic and it helps you to type easily. The large keypad enables you to input text messages and emails easily. The large size of this keyboard also enables you to use other applications such as MS Word as well as Excel at the same time.

Nokia E73: This handset from the Nokia family is another high-performing device. The E73 is powered by a quad core 1.2G processor which makes it an excellent mobile in terms of performance and user friendliness. The music player on the E73 allows you to listen to your favourite music tracks directly from your phone. The browsing tools on this device are also impressive.

You can browse all the important information about the phones listed above on the official website of the mobile network providers. Apart from these phones, there are several other upcoming smartphone models available in the Indian market. You can check out their prices from online stores. By shopping online you not only get the best deals but also save your precious time.