Three Careless Habits are the three biggest phone habits that you must break to save your smartphone. The Three Tenacious Habits: The Phone is a Handy Device These days, no one wants to be burdened with a phone that’s just a phone. Everyone carries their smartphone everywhere they go. And you should too! But you should protect it from all the junk it can collect along the way.

The first habit is: forgetting to switch it off when it is not in use. Your mobile phone needs to be switched off whenever it isn’t in use. This way, it will never run up the phone bills. When you do receive a call, you won’t be tempted to answer it, and you will also turn the mobile phone off.

The second habit: constantly searching for your phone. In this modern age, we don’t like to lose track of our phones. Therefore, it is advised that you carry your mobile with you wherever you go. Put it in your pocket, purse or wallet. You can quickly look for your phone in one corner of the room while doing something else.

The third habit: blocking the screen. You need to set the mobile phone to automatically turn off when it is not in use. This way, you won’t miss any calls that you missed. You don’t have to touch the mobile phone to dial a number or send message. With automatic turn-off, you won’t be able to interrupt others from talking. Your mobile phone will continue to operate properly.

The fourth habit: putting your mobile phone below your pillow. Most people keep their phone on the table or bed beside their bed. This means that they will inadvertently knock it down or drop it.

The fifth habit: keeping your mobile phone next to your head. It is an excellent habit to prevent having a head accident. If you fall down, you won’t have your mobile phone to explain to the doctor. This could very well lead to a severe brain injury. It could even result in death. Therefore, do not put it anywhere near your head.

The sixth habit: keeping your mobile phone in your pocket. Studies show that this habit has the highest rate of accidents. Therefore, do not pocket your phone.

Don’t do these three practices. They could really help you save some money and time. As you will see, you can avoid the three careless habits listed above. It is not difficult to keep your phone away from harm. All you need to do is to exercise common sense and keep in mind the safety of your phone.

First, you should never leave your mobile phone where anyone can reach it easily. If you leave it in a crowded area where there are many people around, your phone may be snatched by someone. Furthermore, you might give the wrong information to somebody and they call you. So, better not leave your mobile phone where anybody can see it. Better leave it in a secure place in your car or some other inaccessible place.

Second, you should always lock your mobile phone when you are not using it. This is one of the most common and the least expected habit. Many people just throw their mobile phones away when they forget to shut it off. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to lock your phone when you are not using it.

Third, you should not keep your mobile phone on vibrate. Some people often do this habit. When they are traveling, they feel that if they do not check their mobile phone in their purse or pocket while walking on the sidewalk, it will surely not run out of battery power. But the truth is, the battery of your mobile phone runs out of power very soon.

These three careless habits are so much annoying. They really make life very irritating and frustrating. It is recommended for you to learn how to put these habits stop to avoid doing it again. Also, if you are doing all these bad habits in your lifetime, you must learn how to let go of your mobile phone once you get tired of it. Take it from the habit books.