A slider is a succession of images that are placed in a conspicuous position within a website, and that can carry printed texts to arouse the interest of users.

In addition, you can also include in them a call to action that directs web traffic to a specific point. This design will help you achieve a higher conversion, because it encourages interaction with the images and captures the user’s attention.

To do this, a series of recommendations on the most effective design must be followed. Let’s see it!

Conversion goals of a web slider

If you implement a slider in your strategy you can achieve several goals related to conversion, some examples of these benefits are:

  • Capture subscriptions : If you have a good list of subscribers you can later send them promotions that will be well received.
  • Encourage contact : If you want the client to contact you, you can highlight the ways in which they can do so in one of the images that make up the slider.
  • Announce a promotion : Promotions are always a good claim for customers, so it is important to give them a preferential place on our website and that they reach the maximum number of people.
  • Get content downloaded : If you create valuable content, you can distribute it in ebook format and offer it to your visitors, this content will help you reinforce your brand image.
  • Give more visibility to the content : Everything that we show in this slider will be outstanding content for the potential user, they must be important and relevant things.

A good example of all this is this web slider from Printmor.com :

How to design an effective web slider

The design in a slider is one of the most important aspects to consider. It is a visual format in which the user will pay more attention to how the elements are arranged than to other types of aspects.

Therefore, in addition to spending time carefully selecting the content, you should also think about how you are going to present it graphically. If you do it right you will achieve maximum effectiveness and begin to achieve your goals.

1) Be consistent with the corporate identity

All the elements that you place on the web must use the same colors and tones that you have used in your corporate image. They are your hallmarks and must be represented in all elements, whether online or offline.

Keep in mind that your corporate identity must be consistent across all communication and marketing channels if you want users to easily recognize you. The slider is an important part with which you want to attract the attention of visitors to your website, so you should not miss the opportunity to present your brand identity again.

2) Pursue a clear goal

The user who sees your slider must be clear about what you intend to show, you must not send them confusing messages or too much information with which they can get lost.

For example, if you want to inform about an attractive promotion for new customers, all the images that make up the slider should reinforce this idea.

3) Use attractive images

It is an eminently visual format, so images are important and should help convey the message. It is necessary to take care of the quality of the images to convey a sense of quality and check that they are displayed perfectly on the different devices.

4) Do not abuse the text

It is not good to saturate the user with information, it is necessary to arouse interest in knowing more without having to give them all the information at once. A one-line text that accompanies a sufficiently illustrative image can be more than enough to transmit the message and that the receiver understands it.

The texts should be like a slogan that conveys a message and makes you think.

5) Include a unique CTA

You have to be clear about what you want the client to do once they see your web slider. If you let him go his way, he may not get to what you really want to convey, sell or show him.

With a good call to action within the slider you can direct traffic directly to the specific page that interests you. Put a clear message and choose the destination page well.

6) Review the functioning of the form

The forms in the slider can cause problems if they are not well configured. With one like Contact Form 7 , you can capture quality leads as long as you check the settings well and ask for the right data.

It is convenient to check that it works on all the devices for which it is shown (mobile, computer, tablets…).
In general, you should carry out these checks when an important change is made on the website or simply after making the periodic updates, it is very important that you make sure that everything works well on your website.

7) Adaptation to the RGPD

The recent entry into force of the European Data Protection Regulation or RGPD means that you have to adapt the capture of leads and information on your website.

You must clearly show the user that they give their express consent and what use we are going to make of the data collected, as well as a summary of who we are and what we do. No need to enter any page for more information.


Web sliders are not for all types of businesses since it depends a lot on the message you want to send to users and the type of web page you are thinking of. However, it is a tool that must at least be valued for the amount of benefits it will bring you.

Like any other marketing channel, the most important thing is to take care of the details and create a good design that makes the message clear and draws the attention of users.