If your SD card is not recognized by your SD reader, then this may affect the quality of pictures that you take with your digital camera. There are a number of reasons why your card might not be recognized, but if it is not compatible with your camera, then it will display the following message: SD card not formatted or memory card not recognized. If you are wondering what causes the card to become non-functional, then the answer is simple. You need to format your card.

If you have just formatted your digital camera and you wish to take pictures, then you should follow the steps in this article. Firstly, you should turn off your camera so that you can safely remove the SD card. Secondly, you should plug the SD into a computer using a USB cable. Thirdly, you should power the SD through the USB cable.

Firstly, you can try to format the SD card using the card reader. If it is not recognized by this device, then the first thing that you should do is to turn on the device and run the card’s software to format the card. If you follow the guide properly, then you can successfully format the SD card.

If your digital camera is capable of formatting the card then you can try to format the card using ‘FAT32’. However, this method is not recommended. You should format the SD card according to the software menu if it is supported by your digital camera. However, this process might harm your SD card. So, if you are not sure, then do not go for it.

If you have tried above steps and still unable to format the SD card, then you should remove the SD card from your digital camera and put it to the device that you want to format. After this, insert the SD into the device and turn on the device. If the device is working properly, then read the information given on the screen and format the SD card. At this point, you need to replace your SD card. It is very important to insert the card carefully so that the process will be smooth.

The third option is to format the SD card while the device is not working. If you try this option, you should connect the device to the computer. Open the ‘SD card’ device in the computer. You will find few options available, select ‘Yes’ to format the SD card. After this, restart your digital camera and see whether the data on the card is correctly formatted. If the data is not formatted properly, then you might face few problems like black spots, fragments, or wrong formatting.

The fourth option is to format the SD card by hand. In this option, you need to prepare the device and follow the procedure as mentioned. However, this process might take longer time. If you can’t do it manually, then you should choose ‘format via computer’ option from the menu. By doing this, you can easily format the SD card and you won’t face any problem.

After selecting any of the above options, you should insert the card into the digital camera. If the device doesn’t recognize the card, you should remove the card and plug the SD into a different device. Now, you can transfer the pictures to the digital camera.

The other alternatives are also available for you. You can try to use some of the software available on the internet. This software can be downloaded for free. Once you try to download the software, you will see a list of the supported devices. Select the device that you want to format and click on the ‘format’ button.

Now, you have to select the file format from the software menu. Few digital cameras supports only one particular format, so, you should check the compatibility. If the software cannot recognize the card, you should try to download another program. But, it is suggested to check the compatibility before actually formatting the SD. After formatting the SD, you need to insert the card into the digital camera and see whether your photos are already on the device.

If they are not, you might need to reformat the entire card. Once the card is reformatted, you should copy all the photos to the card. Then, you should remove the card from the device. After removing it, you can try to see whether your SD card is recognized in your camera or not. If it is, you can proceed to take more photos.