If you are looking to make more money on YouTube then here are my top 5 tools for downloading videos. Not all these will make you loads of cash but if you are a beginner at video creation, I highly recommend that you start off using one or two of these. This article is aimed at newbie’s like you who are just starting out on YouTube.

The first tool that we will look at is the YouTube Downloader. If you are going to be uploading video files to YouTube then you need to have the capacity to download these video files very quickly and efficiently. The first thing you need to do when uploading video files to YouTube is to visit the upload section on the YouTube home page. Now you can click on ‘download files now’. When a progress window appears, click ‘choose File’ and upload your video file.

Once your video has uploaded to YouTube, you then need to look for other ways of getting the video files out of YouTube. The easiest way of doing this is to use the ‘send to download manager’. When you click the button you will be presented with a list of all the video files that you can send to download. There is a button for each video and as you see on the right side there is a green arrow that lets you know that the file is available for download.

To get the video files out of YouTube you need to use the Download Manager. This Download Manager is Google based so all you have to do is search for it on YouTube. You will be shown a list of all the video files that you can download. At the bottom of the screen you will see ‘Download Manager’ which is where you will click to download the video file.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Download Manager works in a very simple way. It is quite different from the way that the site was designed to download. Nowadays, a lot of people use YouTube as a source for uploading and viewing videos. Because of this, a lot of people are trying to create automated systems that allow anyone to upload and view their own videos without having to deal with the site itself.

One such automated system that is growing in popularity is Yvu Video Editor. This is a small yet powerful video editing and creation tool. If you are someone who has taken a course about creating videos, then you may already have some experience with this tool. The only thing you need to know how to do with you is just drag and drop the video files into the program, and then add in any special effects and music to make it look nice and like a professional. After you have made your videos, you can then publish them on YouTube or any other site.

The next item on our list of top 5 tools for YouTube video creation is the Open Broadcaster Software. This is one of the programs that you really need to be familiar with if you want to make a living doing this. OBS will let you convert your videos into standard Flash formats. The best part about OBS is that it allows you to distribute your videos in ways that are very difficult to accomplish with other systems. It also allows you to share your videos with millions of people all over the world.

The last of our list of top 5 tools for YouTube video creation is the Video Cut Pro. This is used for making both short and long videos. If you are familiar with using the standard Windows Movie Maker application, you will be right at home with this product. This will allow you to easily edit and combine photos, videos, and text with each other. You won’t believe how much difference this can make in the way that you create and upload your videos. These are just some of the top 5 tools for YouTube video creation that you will find useful.