There are many amazing AngularJs tools that will make your life easier and your development easier. Some of them you might not have even heard of before. But, what I’m going to show you right here are the ones that will change your Angular development world. Number 10 by far is one of my favorite Angular tools. It’s a very simple framework that makes so much possible. And, here’s why.

One: Speed! At ninety-nine percent, Angular keeps up with Ajax and many other common web development languages. When you compare this to PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion or Java, you’ll see just how quickly you can get things done with Angular. That’s ten!

Two: Code Flexibility. As mentioned above, Angular offers an incredible amount of code flexibility. This allows you to create layouts, change styles without writing a single line of code! There are also many helper libraries that allow you to create complex animations and calculations in just a few lines of code. That’s ten! I love it!

Three: Code Completion. If there’s one thing I love, it’s when I can complete a complex task without having to understand how it works. With Angular, you can enter complex expressions without worrying about confusing variable names or function names. This allows you to move forward in your application instead of wondering if you entered the right number or string.

Four: Documentation. While Angular doesn’t provide great support right now, it does have a fantastic set of rich documentation. This makes it easy for new or returning developers to become familiar with how Angular works and be able to write their own code without being at a loss. This is definitely one of the best development tools available.

Five: Extensibility. The community has come together to create an extremely flexible package of modules. With so many optional modules available, you can quickly and easily extend your application with amazing functionality and never have to write a single line of code.

Six: Code complete. These are a very important part of any Angular development tool. The reason why this was rated as one of the top ten is because it’s so useful. When you’re developing an Angular application, you can easily spend an entire day struggling with errors and missing functions. A code completer will save you countless hours and help you build up large applications with speed and efficiency.

Seven: Support. If there were ten great Angular developers, these would all make the grade. Unfortunately, these tools still have some flaws. However, the great news is that there are ongoing maintenance projects that the Angular team are working on to polish them up. In the next year, you can look forward to even more enhancements!

Six: Browser compatibility. This is the big one. Not only does the AngularJs libraries support most browsers currently in the marketplace, but each version of Angular has been compatible with hundreds of browsers. This is especially important if you’re targeting a highly targeted audience, since older versions of the platform may not be compatible with the majority of their users. This is one of the top ten things you should look for when picking a good IDE or build and debug tool.

Five: Speed. AngularJs offers developers fast JavaScript speeds, making it faster to create simple applications than other alternatives. While it’s definitely faster than most alternative JavaScript engines, it’s not the fastest out there. This makes it perfect for cutting-edge real-time applications and gives beginners a head start.

Four: Documentation. Even though AngularJs comes with over fifty thousand lines of code, it still has a huge number of helpful documentation that new developers can tap into. These documentation topics include tutorials, articles, FAQs, and many more. If you can find your way around the documentation, it’ll be significantly easier to learn the platform and start developing.

Three: Versatility. While many developers prefer to use a traditional VBA or text editor for managing their code, AngularJs offers developers a powerful yet very easy to use feature-set. This is one of the top ten reasons why it’s considered to be one of the best JavaScript developers’ tools on the market today.