Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing Trends

Trend of digital marketing in the automotive sector


Surely you will remember those years in which going out to visit several dealerships, making appointments with commercials and taking home the brochures with the latest models, was a task that took weeks to reach a purchase decision.

And, I will not lie to you, when not long ago I bought my car, I enjoyed living this experience like a child. But far from it, it took me weeks of travel and visits, nor was what I saw in the physical brochures decisive in making the decision.

What’s more, I confess that before trying some other model, unconsciously the decision was already made. For what is this?

At that time I did not stop to analyze it, but it is obvious that this change is due to the digital transformation that the automotive sector has undergone (and long before the pandemic arrived).

Evolution of Digital Marketing in Automotive

Whether at a private level, or as a professional, on the Internet we can find answers to many of the questions we ask ourselves about our vehicles. For this reason, it is not surprising that this sector is betting more and more, not only on marketing aimed at the consumer, but also aimed at B2B (business to business).

For example, we can find specific information on how to equip our tourism or if, for example, we have an installation or mechanics business, about equipping workshop vans in specialized blogs.

hyper-informed consumers

As the first drastic change in the automotive sector, it should be noted that consumers are very informed and, therefore, we know what we want.

As we have already been commenting, we have much more information than a commercial can provide us. We have blogs, forums, video tutorials… And, in general, content from experts and companies from related sectors far beyond the car brands themselves.

Start of the marketing process in the digital field

My example is not an isolated case. The fact that we already have a preconceived idea before going out into the street to make a purchase or to equip shelving for vans  (for example), is due to the fact that the first thing most of us do is search the Internet (and, if don’t believe me, ask Google!).

So look at the transformation that this implies in our consumption habits. If before we went first to the opinion of people close to us and advice from salespeople, now the most revealing information is just a click away.

Content as a key factor when deciding

As I was saying, not even a good commercial sales strategy is decisive when making the final decision. A good part of our condition as consumers is already influenced by what we ‘bring from home’.

That is why it is so important to share good content (with faithful and relevant data on the automotive sector), as well as to know the different states that users go through in a sales funnel. You will already know what I mean; attraction, interaction, conversion and loyalty.

Omnichannel inbound marketing strategies

But not everything is at the web level. Investing in digital marketing in the automotive industry implies entering to compete in an area where the most important thing is not how well known a brand is, but rather the value of the content it provides.

Although having a website is essential, because without it we will hardly be able to position ourselves in Google, we must go out there and know how to connect with users also from social networks, email marketing and the advertising tools that we have at our disposal.

The automotive sector and SEO

Of course, I couldn’t conclude with this post about the trend in digital marketing in the automotive sector, without talking about positioning in Google.

And it is that, doing SEO is not just having a blog to position content. It is much more than that… Especially if we think about actively positioning ourselves in a sector as competitive as the automobile industry.

Here, my recommendation is to work on web positioning with a combined SEO and SEM strategy. In other words, working organically while investing in advertising to position ourselves on the Google display network.

And so far my post on the trend in automotive digital marketing, as well as all that has become more than a “must” for consumers. Thanks for visiting the blog!