Marketing continues to evolve and innovate with new methods to attract, retain and retain customers, which is its first objective. These new trends range from complex marketing strategies to those that, despite their simplicity, can be just as effective.

When we have become accustomed to images playing an essential role in business communication, we find that texts and fonts are once again gaining ground in this “battle”.

When talking about this, we refer to the so-called lettering, a growing trend that shows that the simplest and simplest form of presentation can generate great results in the digital world and online marketing, and that they are undoubtedly methods that have come strong and They will stay with us for a long time.

What is lettering?

You may have seen many examples of lettering every day and at every moment, but you probably don’t even know what it is.

Lettering is a trend in digital marketing and also a creative discipline that consists of making hand-drawn fonts.

It is not about writing letters as we do many times during the day, but about taking the leap and making writing an art through drawing. And it is that, really, lettering is nothing more than the art of drawing letters. This important nuance makes us repeatedly confuse this discipline with other concepts such as calligraphy and typography.

Differences between lettering, calligraphy and typography

We have already talked about lettering and what is the art of drawing text. But now we are going to explain to you those concepts that will sound familiar to you and that make us confused when it comes to differentiating between them: calligraphy and typography.

Calligraphy refers to the simple act of writing by hand. When we talk about calligraphy, we almost always refer to the way of writing of a certain person, and that is why we say that someone has good or bad calligraphy.

However, it is not only about the way we write; with an improvement of the technique, it can undoubtedly come to configure another art in itself.

Typography is the configuration and design of the characters that make up a complete alphabet and that will later be used in print.

To put it in some way, typography has to do with the art of designing and configuring a letter that will form a text, while calligraphy is related to writing and lettering to the drawing of texts.

Applications of lettering in web design

Now that you know a little more about what lettering is, you may be wondering what applications it can have in the world of marketing and e-commerce, as well as how important it is when configuring the design of a web page and all the possibilities that this discipline can offer your site.

Well, it has more applications than you might think: logos, header slides, icons, background designs…


You will know many examples of logos, and they will surely come to mind because you associate them with certain brands. Well, that is exactly the objective of brands when designing logos, which are a set of images, texts, shapes… that end up configuring a symbol with which a company will identify itself.

And here lettering can play a very important role, since by including it in the logo design you can make a simple symbol a very valuable asset that can make a difference with respect to other competitors or other web pages, so it will be easier create a brand-design link and that will also create great added value.

header slider

Sometimes we enter a web page and we find a kind of rectangle in which different images or content usually appear in which we can click and enter. These contents are changing for others, and this is the header slide.

Lettering can also have an application here for, for example, the description of the different contents; instead of using a mere text, we can insert lettering designs to make it more striking and create added value to the contents of our website.


An icon is usually an image or graphic representation that tries to replace a concept with a kind of symbol, so that when the user sees the icon, they will know that when they click, a certain action will be carried out.

Lettering can also play a great role here, since icons with these designs can create, together with the rest of the web, a very valuable configuration that will give more strength to the content, as well as giving greater clarity to the icon relationship. -concept.

background design

We are talking about the background of the web page, where all the contents of our site are superimposed. Introducing lettering-based designs here can also create a better user experience and create a brand identity in line with new trends in the digital world.


There are disciplines that are here to stay, and it is almost a duty to live together and make use of them, even if it is to try them out and see all the opportunities offered by these new trends in digital marketing and e-commerce that are emerging on the Internet and in many other areas. .

Without a doubt, it is a necessity to adapt to all the changes and innovations to evolve. And we can do this without forgetting the essence of our brand.