There are many terms in Online Marketing that may sound a bit familiar to some of you , like ghost links, but despite that, you don’t know where they come from and what their meanings are.

Today we have decided to shed a little light on this topic, and make you see that its impact is very important for those of you who are dedicated to link building , the perfect weapon for SEO.

As I said, the “ghost links” (or ghost links), come from the profitable practice of link building. Anyone who is not an expert in SEO and wants to understand this concept well, must first have a good understanding of what the link building technique entails:

What is link building?

Link building is a very widespread and used technique for people who generate quality content on their website or blog. The function of this technique and its effectiveness lies in the use of links by third parties that index our content .

If an external website links us with its own content, it could be said that it has done “link building”. Well, the benefit that we get is that this content is shared by many more people , since it will be shown on other sites where the public is totally different from the one we have on our website.

How does it affect SEO?

If, in addition, that content expands like wildfire, we will have many more possibilities that our positioning in Google will benefit. But let’s not forget something, the fundamental thing is that it is quality content that adds value.

Like any self-respecting company and brand, ranking in positioning is essential to achieve the visibility we want . The more Onsite and Offsite dissemination actions we carry out, the better. We agree on that, right? And if that diffusion is established through link building, our best allies will be that indexed content.

So what are ghost links?

When content becomes obsolete over time, it ends up being “deleted” and its links “disappear” in the eyes of Google , becoming “ghost links”.

Many people believe that because they have “disappeared”, the ranking will drop dramatically from searches, but this is not entirely the case, since there are other factors that make our website not disappear .

According to a study carried out by the American agency Moz, these links continue (after having disappeared) generating the same ranking for our website for at least 4 subsequent months . In other words, Google respects for a while the popularity gained by the web through those old links, now converted into ghost links.

That is why it is important to emphasize that SEO positioning techniques, the more refined and studied they are, the more they will improve that climb to the top of the search engine.

Our SEO strategies are of vital importance , since (as you can see) our link building technique is still very much alive and generating benefits for our website and for our company over time.