What is AntiTrack software?

AntiTrack is a type of software used to block and delete tracking cookies, as well as other tracking techniques used by different websites and advertisers to understand the behavior of users on an online site and to follow them outside of them.

As we have explained in other articles in Law Help, when we browse the Internet, some cookies are dedicated to following us and collecting information about us, thus building our digital footprint , which although it does not contain our real identity, it does identify us as a user. unique.

This unique and personal profile, which among other data, contains information about the configuration of our device, the browser we use or our behavior when using the Internet, is mainly used to carry out personalized and targeted advertising; It is the reason that if we like sports and we carry out searches related to this activity or we are subscribed to a forum or social network about sports, ads for sports products appear.

What the AntiTrack software does is prevent those cookies or tracking systems from building that digital footprint, for which they introduce false data in it, so that trackers and third parties that could have access to the information about our digital footprint, they will not see authentic information. They also delete tracking cookies.

In this way, we will stop seeing ads related to our interests or products already purchased on other occasions and our privacy when browsing will be greater.

What is the difference between an AntiTrack software, a VPN and an ad blocker?

Although AntiTrack software, VPN, and ad blocker are designed to enhance our privacy when using the Internet, they do not perform exactly the same functions.

As we have already said, AntiTrack blocks cookies and other tracking techniques while we browse, but it does not block the appearance of advertisements or hide our geographical location when browsing.

When connecting a VPN what we do is hide our real location by encrypting the connection, but it does not block the trackers, so that when browsing they can continue collecting data from our browser and device and about our behavior. The same thing happens if we use a VPN on Android .

For its part, what the ad blocker does is prevent ads from being displayed in the advertising spaces of the web pages we visit, but it does not prevent tracking either. Also, when using a blocker, some websites may ask us to disable it in order to access their content.

8 AntiTrack Software That Will Improve Your Online Privacy

Now that we know what an AntiTrack is and how it differs from other applications designed to improve and strengthen our online privacy, we recommend 8 AntiTrack software that you can use to hide your digital footprint.

free antitrack

We start with a list of several free AntiTrack software :

  • Privacy Badger


Developed by the non-profit organization Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF), Privacy Badger is compatible with the most used browsers on the market and is responsible for blocking tracking cookies and other methods of tracking the fingerprint. It is easy to use and understand and allows users to customize their own filters. Also, the settings can be exported to other devices where we install this browser extension.

Privacy Badger will also show us all the information regarding the cookies you have blocked. It should be noted that it will only block those ads that track us.

  • Ghostery Ad & Tracker Blocker


Another AntiTrack as a browser extension is Ghostery Ad & Tracker Blocker , it has a free cross-browser compatible version that allows you to block both tracking cookies and ads. On the plus side, it is easy to use and is still not recognized by many as anti-tracking software.

  • Malwarebytes Browser Guard


Malwarebytes sounds more like an antivirus to us, in fact it’s on our list of the best antivirus 2022 (you can also check our list of the best antivirus for Android ), but with the name of Malwarebytes Browser Guard we found a browser extension from this company that will take care of it. to block tracking cookies, ads and potentially harmful content. It can be used in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

  • Disconnect


Compatible with most of the most used browsers on the market, the free version of Disconnect blocks any type of tracking system on online sites, in addition to ads, which makes the web page load faster. Likewise, it allows users to configure their own white list, to allow the collection of data on the pages that they enable.

  • uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

The latest free AntiTrack is uBlock Origin , among its strengths are its low memory and CPU consumption and the ability to configure different filters to block tracking cookies and ads and even pop-ups.

Anti-Track payment

Below we also leave three paid AntiTrack software, with which the configuration options and available features are expanded:

  • Norton AntiTrack


Norton Antitrack is currently only compatible with Windows and has several features to hide your digital footprint, including cookie deletion, tracker blocking, tracking notifications, and more. Also, it won’t slow down your browsing. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • Avast AntiTrack Premium


With Avast AntiTrack Premium you can block trackers and know what kind of trackers are following you, hide your digital footprint and therefore prevent them from being collected and profiled, thus avoiding personalized advertising. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, being able to activate accounts for several devices.

Although it belongs to Avast, having one of the subscription accounts for this antivirus does not give you access to Avast AntiTrack Premium, since it is a separate service. Although it has a free trial of 30 days.