Browsers show different types of errors when they cannot establish a connection with the server, many times this is due to problems at the server level or even problems with your internet service provider, in this case we can hardly do anything, however on other occasions they are problems that you can solve from your user side.

In this article we will see what it is and how to solve the err_connecion_reset error at the connection, operating system and browser level.

 What is the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error?

Browsers like Google Chrome act as intermediaries between your computer and a server, browsers send requests to the server and receive responses.

During this connection process it is possible that the error err_connection_reset may occur. This error indicates that something interrupted the connection and because of that the connection has been reset or restarted.

In Google Chrome you will see a screen similar to the following image when this error occurs:

 How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error?

In most cases the problem will be solved simply by refreshing or opening and closing the browser and reloading the page.

However, if this does not work for you, try some of the following options:

 Check the internet connection

If you’re getting the same error on other websites, it’s possible that the problem is something related to your connection. You can try disabling the wireless network in your operating system and re-enabling it .

If the problem continues, try restarting your router, turn off the device, even unplugging it, and reconnect it after a few minutes.

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 VPN connection


In case you use any VPN , try temporarily disabling it and check if you can access the website.

A VPN allows you a secure connection to the internet, however it is possible that due to some configuration it may be causing you problems.

For example, if there is a fluctuation in the connection, it will generate a continuous change of network or IP and can cause the connection to be reset.

VPN verification

 Firewall settings

If you have the Firewall enabled in your operating system, try disabling it.

for Windows

From the Windows Control Panel , navigate to the System and Security section and then Windows Firewall , make sure you have both options disabled as shown in the image

Disable firewall in Windows

On Mac

From System Preferences in Security and Privacy locate the firewall section, make sure you have it disabled, as shown in the following image:

 Temporarily disable antivirus

Antiviruses may be able to temporarily block connections or even restrict certain applications. There are antiviruses that even have Firewalls included to protect browsing.

You can rule out if it is a problem with your antivirus by temporarily disabling it and checking if you can enter the website.

 Check Network Settings

Network settings have options for automatic network detection using configuration scripts or proxy server

To access the network configuration screen of your operating system, you can do it directly from the following url in Google Chrome:

Then use the Open your computer’s proxy settings option . 

For Windows

The following screen will appear from where you can select the connections tab and then network settings, make sure you have all options disabled.

on Mac
The following screen will appear, and select the Proxies tab . On this screen make sure that all options are disabled.

 Reset TCP/IP configuration

IP address changes during the connection can cause the err_connection_reset error.
One of the things you can try is to reset the TCP/IP configuration of your operating system.

for Windows

Use the “Win ​​+ X” shortcut to open the menu and open the command window app

Run the following commands:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

It is recommended that you restart your computer after resetting the TCP/IP settings.

on Mac

From System Preferences locate Network, then at the bottom locate the advanced button, a screen similar to the following image will appear where you can reset the IP in New DHCP connection.

 Clear browser history

Sometimes the error page can remain in your browser’s cache, so you should try clearing your browser’s cache. To clear the browsing history, in Google Chrome you can do it by accessing the following url:

A screen similar to the following image will appear, from where you can delete the browsing data.

 Update or reinstall your browser

If the problem is only in Google Chrome, check if there are any pending updates and update, another option is to completely remove it from your system and reinstall it.


The ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error can be due to different factors, be it problems at the internet service provider, server, or user level, in the first two cases we cannot do much.