What is the Best Free Building Design Software?


If you’re wondering what is the best free building design software, you’re not alone. There are many programs available to help you create your dream home or office. You can choose from Roomstyler, Infurnia, Live Home 3D, and CATIA. These programs all have different features and allow you to create plans with ease. Some also let you import elements from other libraries.


The free Roomstyler building design software offers users the ability to design and decorate rooms for free. The app is available for both Windows and Mac computers. It also has a decent library of free furniture and accessories. Its mobile version enables users to view finished designs on their phones. Despite its basic features, Roomstyler has some shortcomings. Its interface is clunky and does not offer many 3D editing options. The interface is not intuitive and requires the user to drag objects and cameras around using the mouse.


Infurnia is a cloud-native building design software that offers powerful 3D interior and exterior design capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and collaboration features allow you to work with colleagues, clients, and vendors. Its features include detailed floor plans, advanced tiling, customizable cabinet tools, and more. Plus, it can transform your plans into accurate 3D models in seconds. What’s more, Infurnia is easy to learn and easy to use.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is a free application for creating detailed floor plans, including 3D drawings. It lets you select furniture and design rooms in a variety of ways. It also offers advanced drawing tools, a library of furniture, customized lighting editors, and geopositioning options. Moreover, you can share your finished designs with others.


If you’re in the market for building design software, CATIA may be the software for you. Originally developed by Dassault Systemes, CATIA is an advanced software that helps you create complex and accurate models. It also offers collaboration capabilities and security controlled distribution. The software is widely used by architects, engineers, and construction firms. The latest version of the software also incorporates a powerful generative design module.


Among the best free building design software applications is pConPlanner, which is packed with features and tutorial videos. This program allows you to create a design and budget with just a few clicks. Its features are ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It has a large number of features, including an inbuilt 3D view and animation tool.


SketchUp is an easy-to-use 3D model building program that allows users to tell a rich story with models. Its features include 3D renderings, flyovers, walkthroughs, and exports of high-quality images and videos. This allows users to immerse clients in their projects. Its support for augmented and virtual reality makes it a powerful tool for architects and designers. Moreover, it is free for personal use.