Will wonder What is the Instagram feed? But do not worry, here we will talk about an important part of the Instagram app that all kinds of users can have, and in this article, Socialcapain.co.uk  will give you tips on how to maintain your feed optimally. So that users are targeting them, they feel attracted to what you are posting.

What is Instagram feed?

As you enter the Instagram user of any person or company, the feed is the first thing you will observe. Since then, you will find the profile picture the person has, their biography, and all the content they have shared in their account.

A striking Instagram feed has helped that whoever is trying it is interested in the content that is displayed there. Cause him to decide to be a follower of your account, so it’s very important to evaluate the content you share in it.

The importance of a good feed

Knowing what the Instagram feed is, we can now talk about the importance of it, because we need to understand that everyday businesses as people post freely attractive information on their social networks, to attract attention. This means that, as users of these platforms, we have to seek to make a difference with the content we share.

Feed types

These types of feeds, you can take it as a guide so you can customize it to your Instagram account or create your feed, and take as inspiration some of the models you will be shown. Therefore, I invite you to continue reading so that you know them:

Color feed

This is the type of feed where you have to choose the color that predominates in each of your photos so that all the photos you share have the same color palette. Although apparently, this is easy to do, you need to know that you can not post a photo, you need to look for the colors that stand out the most from the already published photos, in which you will post.

Or if you do not have to use the edition to change the colors of the photo, if you are one of the people who have a website with a defined logo, you can use it in your publications. That users who enter there, start creating themselves with the images that your company as a brand share.

Rainbow feed

This is the type of feed where the colors change in your posts. In this feed, a specific color is not placed, but you choose a color that stands out in each of the publications, and when the feed is passed, it is created as a rainbow effect changes from one color to another within as a chromatic wheel.

Horizontal feed

This is a feed that is easy to work with, you just have to choose what you want to place in each of the horizontal rows. You can get it done as follows:

You need to choose two or three predominant colors that you will use on the photos in each row.

There you will share three images with the same theme on each photo.

Vertical feed

This is one of the easiest feeds to create, you just need to define that you will publish in each of the three columns of your feed. Where you should choose the color, type of photos you will publish, try to maintain visual harmony in your feed.

One of the benefits of this type of feed is that you will always see it in order. That’s why it’s important to know what the Instagram feed is so you can plan what you want to share there.

Diagonal feed

If you are one of the people who post in different categories in your feed, you can use this method so that you publish your content diagonally. This is a feed that is very original and does not become cluttered, but it requires the user to systematically plan the content to be published in order to achieve this effect.

Dambord feed

This method consists of placing different types of images in the form of a chessboard. With this type of feed, you have more options to create this board because it allows you to play with more types of photos and colors.

Contrast Feed

This contrast feed is like a chess feed where you have to use two colors, one light and the other dark, which is not necessarily the same shade and you get to switch them. This type of feed can be an excellent option in the case of brands as well as companies.

Great feed

The format of this feed consists of cropping different images so that you can publish pieces of it, in order to create this type of feed you need to make sure that both the images together or separately make sense. It is also important that you know that with each publication you create the images can be disorganized, for this reason, it is recommended that if you do this type of feed do it all at once.

These are some of the types of feeds you can use on Instagram, but before you use them, you must know what the Instagram feed is. That you have complete security of what you do, and the potential use you can give to improve your account.

A tool to organize your feed

To organize your feed in a way that is appealing to users who visit your profile, we have a series of tools that can make things easier for us. And that we will mention it below:

Photoshop as Illustrator needed to create templates and plan the images.

An example is an application that can be linked to your feed and which you only need to select to add to the feed where you think it looks best.

Planoly is an application similar to the previous one, but it also gives us the option to program our publications.

To conclude this article, we can say that before we submit the feed we want in our account, it is important that we know what we want to forward so that we can plan and organize the type of feed we want. want to apply to our account. And so you can successfully apply it to your profile.

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