6 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android Devices

Although there is a download button below most videos on YouTube, many video files have no way of getting a copy there. To be true, downloading a YouTube video file using a third-party download application is not acceptable under YouTube laws.

There may be a copyright claim if you share a YouTube video file in your social sharing app or on a website. However, there is a way to download all the videos if you want to do it despite the possibility of getting caught. Well, I’m talking about the best YouTube video downloaders for Android that are mostly free to use and install.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android

You will not get a nice result using the PlayStore search box to write the best YouTube video downloaders . It is due to the rules of Youtube. However, it takes a long time to find some applications that really work.

But I would like to remind you once again that using a copy of a YouTube video is an act that violates the law. Therefore, make sure that you are not using the video without mentioning the copyright details. Well, we are going to see the applications that will allow you to download a video file from YouTube.

To download videos from your favorite YouTube channels, Dentex YouTube Downloader works really well. You can download music files and other video clips very easily, and it won’t take you more than a few seconds.

Also, this powerful video downloader application comes with a very user-friendly interface, and the entire interface contains different functions and details. One of the most useful features of this application is its ability to download in the background and handle multiple files simultaneously.

Important functions

  • Essential features like a remote download via SSH are available here.
  • You can use this application to download videos and convert them into mp3 files.
  • The download speed is blazing, and you can even download HD video files.
  • A complete video download manager will allow you to pause and resume whenever you want.
  • You can also convert the downloaded files to any other format.
  • It allows you to mark your favorite video files as favorites and find them instantly.

Advantages : You can initially download any type of video file available on YouTube. You can even download larger video files using this application.

Cons : You cannot download videos without an additional plugin equipped with it.

2. YouTube Go

Let me introduce you to YouTube Go, a very competitive YouTube video downloader for Android . It works on both tablets and phones without any problem. This app is capable of downloading music and video files of any format available on YouTube.

It is free to access and users can access it without any limit. There are some occasional advertisements within the app interface and in-app purchases are required to experience an ad-free user interface. Plus, it’s secure and you can save all files to your phone’s storage with just a few taps.

Important features

  • It allows you to check the preview of a video file before downloading it.
  • This application includes a smart download manager and fast download facilities.
  • Users can initially share high-quality video files even without the Internet.
  • Supports large and high definition video files without any problem; In addition, it supports almost all popular video and audio content formats.
  • This application will play all video files without any buffering.
  • It allows you to save your favorite websites as bookmarks to access them with an infrequently used touch.

Pros : This video downloader is natively compatible with external storage and SD cards. Users can check the download status in the dedicated download panel.

Cons : You cannot use this application to download videos from other sources like Facebook and Instagram.

3. TubeMate

Another powerful media file download tool is here, and we call it TubeMate. This app is completely free to access and can download YouTube videos with less time than any other tool.

It offers a familiar application interface with a materialistic design and download through any type of Internet connection. This application automatically detects multimedia files, especially video content. Plus, it allows multiple downloads at the same time with its top-notch download manager.

Important features

  • It supports one-touch fast download on its fast download panel.
  • This application supports different resolutions and saving data on SD cards.
  • You can download high definition videos with no size limit.
  • It integrates an advanced download manager with pause and resume functions.
  • Users can manage downloaded files and share them on different platforms.
  • This application will allow you to convert a video file downloaded from YouTube to MP3 format.

Advantages : It comes with a very easy to use user interface that a novice user will understand the functions in a few minutes of use.

Cons : This app does not allow you to download 4K video files.

4. InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader

When you are trying to download a YouTube video, InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader can be a good companion. With this application, you can download videos from YouTube and from different websites using a WiFi connection or your cellular network.

You can also save the videos to the SD card or your phone’s storage. While downloading a file, you can pause, resume, or cancel the process. Also, you only need one tap to download a file, and the download speed is quite satisfactory here.

Important features

  • The application supports a large number of video, image, file, music formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, DOC, PDF, TXT, AVI, etc.
  • It has a built-in browser that allows you to browse video and social media sites as well.
  • This tool includes a built-in locker that you can use to protect the videos in your storage.
  • High speed is maintained while downloading large files.
  • The integrated player allows you to play videos even when you are not connected.
  • It also has a built-in mp3 downloader.

Advantages : Here you can download video files from YouTube and 40 other websites. Also, you can see the progress in the download bar.

Cons : The clipboard handle icon appears only for a few seconds on the screen, and therefore it is different to search using.

5. Videoder

Youtube addicts will need an application like Videoder to download their favorite video files in a few minutes. You can enjoy downloading any video without spending a penny. After hitting the download button, you can pause, resume or delete it.

If you allow the permission, the app can also save your downloaded files to an SD card. In addition, it supports the download process in the background. It also works with social media videos.

Important features

  • You can download any video in HD quality from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Hotstar, etc.
  • Your single touch is enough to download multiple files at once.
  • Each live download process is on the bar so you can see how long it will take.
  • When a download starts, you will receive a notification about it.
  • Multiple networks will initially speed up the download speed.
  • You can use this app to cover art and tag editor so you can organize your playlist.

Pros : This powerful YouTube video downloader for your Android device is designed with powerful UL, and you can share the downloaded videos with your friends easily.

Cons : You cannot download files that are not in MP3 and MP4 format.

6. SnapTube

To get access to download video files from any website, SnapTube is a must-have tool. Provides faster download speed. Even when you are not connected, you can watch the downloaded videos without any problems.

An attractive user interface will always help you to quickly rank the most popular websites. Also, you can check the download process from the notification bar. Let’s see what else it offers.

Important features

  • This powerful YouTube video downloader for your Android devices is compatible with YouTube and other additional sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can use all the functions of this application without any additional plugins.
  • This powerful downloader supports video formats such as 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2k HD, 4K HD, and MP3 or M4A audio formats.
  • During the download process, you can pause, resume, or delete them.
  • You can download multiple files at the same time. And the process will run in the background.
  • Just by using any URL, you can download the videos.

Advantages : You can use the integrated search bar to discover YouTube videos. Also, you can save downloaded files to your SD card.

Cons : This application does not support downloading multiple videos at the same time in some specific countries.


Finally, I would like to remind you again that downloading YouTube videos is not allowed by YouTube regulations. Therefore, most applications cannot download a YouTube video.

As we have verified, these 6 apps work well as the best YouTube video downloaders for your Android device. But at any time, they can stop your service if your activities are blocked by YouTube administration. Therefore, I cannot guarantee if it will work or be available in the future like today. Thanks for your time