5 Creative Ways To Use Brochures In Business


Regular brochures are single foldable sheets highlighting a brand, product, or service. Marketing use brochures is a common effective tool for businesses and organizations to disseminate information and announcements to bigger audiences. Brochures are perfect tools to portray charts, images, and lengthy details in full color. 

Using brochures is the best way to create impact on the target audience. However, making the most of brochure marketing requires high resolution images in full color print. So, finding a reputable printing company to output premium full color images is the best way to create outstanding brochures. The best thing about using brochures is their versatility to allow numerous uses in the business world. 

Here Are Some Creative Ways To Use Brochures 

Restaurant Menus 

One of the most creative ways to use brochures today is for restaurant menus and recipes. Brochure style menus are ideal for takeout establishments. The layout makes viewing and comparing selections easier. The folded format of the menus allows customers to carry them around easily. Keep in mind that brochure-format menus are for more than takeout establishments including those that use brochures for dine-in materials. There are various brochure menu styles including Bi-fold, Tri-fold, and Roll fold for their uncomplicated and easy viewing. 


Designing recipes in brochure format makes a great complimentary hand out for people selling food. These give customers some simple ideas to use ingredients to make delicious meals. The recipes are made in standard brochure format but a brochure printing service can make bigger 8.5″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17 sizes to highlight selections. These recipes are easy to carry around and using fonts with 


Business and personal events require sending out invitations. Fortunately, use of brochure-style invitations makes the invitations easy to view. The brochure format lays out details on a single sheet unlike regular invitations divided into various pages. Brochure invitations allow including more information and materials. 

One of the most significant benefits of brochure invitations is eliminating risk of losing any of the pages unlike traditional invitations. The details on brochure invitations are on a single foldable sheet without risk of losing a page or two. Information is usually on 2-panel or 3-panel folded sheet with endless possibilities limited by your creativity. A reliable brochure printing service makes brochures of various sizes to match the needs of all businesses. 

Presentation Packages

Creating a good and memorable impression is the ultimate goal when making a first presentation. This boosts sales and creates a strong brand reputation and image. Use of brochure presentation packages is an impressive way to capture interest. No wonder, various big brands today are using brochure style packages for product catalogues.

Presentation packages are excellent company and product guides while holding business meetings. Additionally, these make great direct mail marketing tools. Use of professional one presentation packages is a trick to make yours stand out. Giving these creatively done packages to potential customers is one of the best ways to generate leads. 


Looking for jobs is not an easy fete especially after the massive job losses resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19. Reputable employers are always sieving through thousands of resumes daily. Each is given a single glance and only one that stands out is picked. Therefore, making a creative resume is a great self-promotion strategy to pique the hiring manager’s interest. 

A resume with a unique design makes any HR manager look twice and consider. Brochure-style resumes take some time to design but have potential to stand out. This resume offers more space for communicating and marketing yourself to potential employers. The best thing about a brochure-style resume is portraying creativity and impressive design capabilities when done right. 


Travel is big business across the globe. People from students, families, and travel enthusiasts are always traveling to distant places they have never been too. With a map handy, the journey becomes easier to manoeuvre. Having to carry large bags around is enough load on the journey. Therefore, any traveller will appreciate a brochure style map. 

A foldable map is an essential tool for travellers to find their way around easily. The foldability allows carrying the map in anywhere. One can keep the map in a backpack, shirt, or trouser pocket for easy retrieval when needed. Luckily, folding the map makes moving with it easier and eliminates need to unpack whenever you need to check directions. 

Bottom Line

Brochures are wonderful marketing tools in business. Luckily, there are applied in various situations including as restaurant menus, recipes, invitations, and presentation packages. Job seekers can also use brochure style resumes to stand out from other candidates. Regardless of business size and industry, creative use of brochures offers good value for money. The rule of thumb is to enlist the services of a reputable brochure printing company for eye caching brochures to match your needs. 

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