5 Features of Military Watches That You Should Know About

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5 Features of Military Watches That You Should Know About

There is no particular item that a watch possesses to make it a military watch. Some additional features in a watch can make it pass as a watch suitable for military personnel. For example, some military watches will tell the time in both local time and Coordinated Universal Time (CUT).

There are many other features such as water resistance up to a hundred meters, an electronic compass with hour, minute, and second displays, and a barometer. Military watches are high-quality, rugged, and have a long-range rechargeable battery life lasting for a long time. Military watches are not just meant for soldiers. Civilians can also rock these styles of watches. If you’re thinking of buying one, here are features you should note.

1. Durability

All military watches are made to withstand usage in harsh conditions and to stand the test of time. This is why the manufacturers make them with thick straps that are scratch-resistant.

The military watches with date, time, and other features must function properly under adverse weather conditions. Most modern-day military watches are water-resistant up to a certain depth. The military continues to inspire watches like the Omega Seamaster.

The durability of the watches comes from the quality of their materials. They also have long battery life.  A good battery life ensures that one doesn’t need to change the battery too often. All these are characteristics of a timepiece that is designed to endure exposure to harsh elements.

2. Luminous Dial

A luminous dial allows the user to see the time during the night, and it is easily visible under low light conditions. Pilot and diver’s watches mostly come with a luminous dial, as they are exposed to an environment with a small amount of light. Pigments used to induce luminosity include strontium and tritium, which are non-toxic and safe. Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen. Ball and Luminox are the most common users of tritium gases for watch dials.

3. Accuracy

With every movement of the timepiece, tiny movements are made to keep the time and accurately measure time. This precision is the key to telling you time during a sensitive assignment. Several factors affect accuracy. They include the time of the day, movement of your arm, how many times the watch is wound, and temperature.

In laboratory conditions, exactitude is also essential because, under ideal circumstances, it is challenging to do measurements of any type accurately without error.

4. Water Resistance

If you’re looking for a watch that can withstand all the pressures that an underwater dive can bring, look no further than a military-style water-resistant watch. These watches can function despite the forces underwater.

The most common type of water resistance watch will contain a water resistance range of around 30 meters, 100ft. However, more modern technologies enable divers’ watches which can go further underwater, up to 200 meters.

Some of the other features to look out for include working despite movements and obstructions underwater.  A good quality that you may find on a military-style watch is displaying the current depth and the maximum depth that the watch can withstand.

Most divers watch features a large case and a durable strap that you can clasp around the hand tightly. In addition, you should make sure that the case size is appropriate for the watch.

5. Legibility

The addition of more features to military watches has allowed them to become more legible. This would ensure you can still tell the time in low light levels. A readable wristwatch can deliver information to its user at a glance about the current time. It should be easy to read and understand.

Some more robust military watches feature an anti-reflective coating. This ensures that the military watches do not reflect off surfaces and light, which are a severe issue if you are involved in sports where your eyes may be subjected to bright sunlight. In addition, it adds extra durability to the watch.


Before you buy a military watch, you need to determine what features are most important to you.

You should also take note of the bezel. The bezel plays a vital role in the way the watch looks. It helps support the case, which can distort and cause it to break. Another feature that most people would consider a necessity for a wristwatch is waterproofing. Waterproof watches are helpful for navy officials or people who participate in activities in the water.

Watches come in different shapes and sizes, so there is a style for almost any person.  Some wrist watches have large, fully functional display boxes.

Whether you’re buying a luxury timepiece for yourself or as a gift, you want to make sure your watch has all the features you would like. Make sure your watch is not only of good quality but that it also comes with a warranty. It should also have a detailed instruction manual and is made out of high-quality materials.

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