5 Luxury Watch Brands You Should Never Miss Out On

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When you talk about luxury watches, you are always and most often stuck to the common names that you hear and see on various advertisements. However, if you are an avid watch collector, you will already have a few other names in mind aside from the most common brands that people know. If you are considering starting a watch collection, it’s important to widen your knowledge when it comes to watches. In that way, you will have more options to choose from so you can decide better which ones you like best.

Luxury timepieces are more complicated than you think. Aside from checking out which models and designs you prefer, you should also consider the different features and functions that it offer. Wearing a watch is not just having a piece of accessory to check the time. It’s also a piece of a fashion statement and an accessory that can make or break your outfit.

Luxury watches you should consider buying

Every watch brand is different. Every manufacturer has its own unique way of crafting watch mechanisms. The key is to find the timepiece that will watch your needs and style at the same time. Here are some of the luxury watches that you should consider buying:

1. Breitling

Considered as the manufacturer of one of the world’s best chronographs, Breitling watches are the primary choice of the athletic and active man. It’s a luxury sports watch that offers various designs and features for all times of outdoor activities. It is built with a slide rule bezel which can help you compute mathematical equations easily. Moreover, Breitling is often worn by pilots because of its reliable precision which aids them to arrive at a destination timely. It is also popular among professional and recreational divers because of its high-performing features. If you are one to enjoy the outdoors, you should consider checking out this watch brand.

2. Longines

Longines is one of the many first watchmakers in the world. Its very first store was established in 1832 which makes it present to many innovations in the industry. Their expertise and history in crafting some of the best watches today make them one of the most sought-after brands by men. They are known for producing timepieces equipped with features for equestrian, diving, and aviation. They also offer a wide range of collections for all types of events and occasions. If you are looking for a high-quality luxury watch that is easy on the pocket, this one is for you.

3. Franck Muller

They are known as the “Master of Complications”. Once you see a Franck Muller on jewelry stores, you can easily understand why this brand considers itself as such. They produce some of the most complicated and unique designs that will truly make you stand out. It has a bold dial with huge numerals in gothic font. Franck Muller is best known for their Cintrée Curvex shape which is the brand’s distinctive silhouette, making it noticeable even from afar. Minimalism is also not in their vocabulary because when you browse through their collection, you will a variety of colors on most of their timepieces. If you want to go beyond the ordinary, you should check out these watches.

4. Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix is a combination of style and perfection. This fairly new watch manufacturer was only established in 1975 but they manage to be in line amongst other luxury Swiss watches in the world. As they continue to become one of the most popular watches in the world, Maurice Lacroix aims more and produces more timepieces in their collection that most people certainly love and adore. It’s an elegant timepiece to wear on formal occasions but also a good one to accessorize your daily office attire. If you are aiming for simplicity and elegance, this Swiss watch is for you.

5. Hamilton

Hamilton prides itself as the premium luxury watch brand that combines Swiss craftsmanship and American spirit. They produce stunning dress watches that are built with accurate precision and a reliable mechanism. Aside from that, they also make sure to create a balanced aesthetic to match every person’s needs and preferences. It is one of the most popular minimalist watches in the world. Hamilton makes sure that their watches will reflect their rich history and complement it with the latest innovations in watchmaking. Because of that, this particular brand has made its way in various industries such as film, aviation, and even the military.

Where to buy these luxury watches?

Before you start planning which luxury watch brand to buy, it’s important to consider your purpose. You have to make sure that your timepieces will not only be aesthetically pleasing but it should also be useful at the same time. If you are looking for inspiration on which timepiece to invest your money in, you can check out Watchshopping.com. They have a wide range of luxury watches that will surely inspire you to start a watch collection. Visit their website today!

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