5 Social Media Trends for 2023

social media trends

Do you want to be at the forefront and make the most of social networks in this new year? So get ready to dive into the social media trends that will define the way we interact in 2023.

Social networks continue to evolve and adapt to technological and social changes, and in 2023 it will not be less. There are many experts and marketing consultants who have predicted what will be some of the trends in social networks this new year to continue growing on these platforms.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a digital business, in this article we will tell you the keys to make the most of them and stay ahead of your competition in the world of networks. Keep on reading to know everything!

1. Short videos for greater reach

Short videos in vertical format have begun to dominate the social media market thanks to the rise of TikTok, the most popular social network for video consumption, and other platforms such as Instagram that have begun to give relevance to this type of format where they already It is the content with the greatest reach .

Short videos allow you to present information in a clear, dynamic and visual way, making them more engaging and easier to understand than other content formats. The short duration of this type of content makes it suitable for holding users’ attention, reaching a broader audience, and increasing brand visibility.

An appropriate strategy to follow in social networks will be to combine all content formats, including short videos, to reach a larger audience.

2. The rise of nanoinfluencers

One trend that is gaining ground is the use of nanoinfluencers in social media marketing. Nanoincluders are people, between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, who have a loyal and committed community.

Unlike traditional influencers, who often have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, nano-influencers have a much smaller audience, but their impact can be just as big. This is because your community is very active and you connect with them in a more personal and authentic way.

In addition, nanoinfluencers often have a specialization in a particular topic or niche, which allows them to generate more relevant and quality content for their audience. By working with nanoinfluencers, brands can reach more targeted audiences that are highly interested in their products or services and get a higher return on investment at a lower cost than with traditional influencers. Without a doubt, a very attractive opportunity for small brands and entrepreneurs.

3. More posts, more followers and sales

Experts have been able to observe a trend that indicates that the greater the number of followers, the brands publish more content to connect with the audience.

However, this trend has also created a greater need for quality in published content. As the supply of content increases, it is more important that the messages they communicate are relevant and add value to capture attention and stand out from the crowd.

Posting to social media more frequently helps create better quality content because the more content posted, the more likely it is that some of those posts will actually reach an audience. In addition, there is more data that is available to analyze and draw better conclusions regarding the type of content that the audience is really interested in.

4. Content in serial format

In relation to the previous point, the tendency to create more content and engage the audience in social networks is to publish in a series format , also known as “storytelling”.

This trend that is becoming a creative way of telling stories on social networks is about creating, based on an idea or theme that has worked and previously known that the audience is interested, different pieces of content and give them continuity. . This involves telling a story or sharing experiences in the form of episodes or short sequences to keep users coming back for more.

It is important to take into account that each of the pieces of content belonging to the same series have the same format, design, structure and duration so that it is more understandable and identifiable for the user who belongs to the same series of content.

5. Social commerce and direct sales

This trend is added to that of selling through live videos . A trend that has recently become popular thanks to platforms like TikTok where brands are beginning to show themselves closer.

This new way of selling allows the brand, in addition to allowing potential customers to see the product before buying it, to connect with its audience, answering their doubts and questions in a two-way and more personal communication.


In conclusion, social media marketing trends are constantly evolving. From the rise of short videos, creating quality content to going live and social commerce, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends to maximize the reach and impact of our social media.

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