Do you need to invest in SEO positioning for your brand?

SEO positioning for your brand

One of the things that all marketing strategies, both online and offline, have in common is that they are usually perceived as an investment of big business and not as something within everyone’s reach. This is not always true, especially if we talk about the importance of SEO for an online business.

Optimizing your positioning in Google is one more element within online marketing, such as social networks, email marketing or content generation. However, it is a very special channel. Still don’t know whether to invest in it? I’ll explain it to you in this post!

The importance of SEO in your business

There are several reasons why my answer is always yes when someone asks me if they should invest in SEO website services. The first reason is that a marketing strategy works better if it is cross-cutting and adapts to all possible channels. An SEO strategy works better if it is supported by good content marketing, for example.

In addition, there is another powerful reason and that is that positioning is a strategy that, if well worked, will continue to bear fruit passively. Of course, to continue growing in the search engine you cannot stagnate. But once you have a good position the maintenance can be much more passive.

On the other hand, we must not forget that SEO goes hand in hand with Google and that is a very important reason.

Google and its presence in our lives

Google is the main search engine in most countries and is a tool that users use many times throughout their day. How can you not try to stand out in their results if your target audience carries Google in the palm of their hand thanks to mobile phones?

This great search engine receives 3 billion searches every day. And in most cases these searches stay on the first page of results. Therefore, investing resources in a good SEO positioning is synonymous with giving your brand visibility in front of a large number of people.

digital lifestyle

The Internet and all its advances have greatly influenced people’s lifestyles. For this reason, another of the factors that define the importance of SEO is that new lifestyle in which we now live. Even if you don’t pay much attention to it, surely your day to day is surrounded by screens that you access easily and almost without realizing it.

Due to this increase in the use of technology, online shopping is becoming more and more normal. As users we want to have everything at our fingertips, and we also want to get it quickly and comfortably. Is there anything better to get it than shopping from the sofa? And these purchases are made in 60% of cases thanks to organic traffic . Traffic that you will achieve with a good positioning.

Companies and businesses that ignore this change in lifestyle will gradually become obsolete, if they are not already. The digital transformation of a business implies knowing the importance of digital life in users in order to adapt to it.

Is SEO positioning the best for you?

At this point you already know that my answer is yes. It is a good strategy for any business that wants visibility, that wants to reach their target audience and that wants to improve their organic traffic. In other words, it is important for any company that has a website and wants to take advantage of it.

Still, this answer needs to be qualified. Although I firmly believe in and support SEO, we must be clear that each business has its own needs and not all of us can do the same. Are social networks important today? Of course yes. Are you on Instagram the same as on LinkedIn? No, and each platform gives results to a specific type of business. Therefore, in SEO you cannot and should not try to do the same as others.

Each company needs to define its strategy, its keywords, its actions… And this is where we usually associate this type of marketing with big business. However, SEO positioning is also within your reach if you know how to guide it.

Success stories thanks to SEO

If you do a little research on the internet (again using Google) you will find numerous examples and success stories thanks to positioning and web traffic. The importance of SEO is indisputable and these cases prove it every day.

I can think of many businesses that have needed to invest resources in Google results, and that sometimes it seemed that this was a secondary aspect of marketing. For example, if you are dedicated to direct sales of ephemeral products or services, with limited availability, you may believe that it is much more important to bet on paid traffic through ads on different platforms.

However, a good result of your website in Google searches will guarantee that each of those specific campaigns has good support from the beginning. That organic traffic is going to be necessary to support the paid actions. And in addition, it will be about quality leads that come to you through specific searches. So it will be more likely that those users will end up becoming customers.

In cases like this, SEO supports the entire sales funnel because, as I said at the beginning, the ideal is to define a marketing strategy that tries to jointly develop all the channels in which your business should be.

So is SEO for every business? Only for those who want to achieve their goals. Should you invest in this strategy? Yes, as long as you want to succeed and optimize your sales and your online community.

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