How to decorate charming kitchens

kitchen decorate

The world of interior design is determined to redefine the space dedicated to the kitchen. Gone is the time when our kitchens were nothing more than spaces for preparing food. Currently, interior decoration opens the door to rooms full of charm that aim to create comfortable, elegant and sophisticated environments. From family meeting points to spaces to host parties, decorating our kitchen with charm can make all our dreams come true… and not only culinary ones! In this article we give you the keys to creating stylish kitchens… Do you dare to see what we have to teach you?

warm and soft materials

One of the most used materials when decorating kitchens is wood. This material is known for bringing warmth and naturalness to our spaces, as well as for giving an organic touch that we often miss if we live in the city. With a few select touches of color, we can easily achieve a rustic Provencal-style kitchen. This trend is characterized by soft and warm colors, always carrying a sensation of lightness that manages to evoke in us the Mediterranean Sea , the warm sun and a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

For those who prefer a more marked style, doing without pastel colors and incorporating more solid woods such as pine or oak, we can achieve a farmhouse air that will add character and originality to our space.

professional tricks

To make our kitchen the center of attention, we must take care of every last detail. The important thing is to make it clear that we have thought of every corner of our kitchen. A very original way to take this idea to the next level is to turn one of our kitchen walls into a blackboard. All you need is chalk and imagination!

To further refine the image of our kitchen, we must take into account the importance of lighting. Through a successful arrangement of lights, we can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in which to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner. Illuminating the lower part of the shelves or applying the light indirectly on a wall with an irregular texture such as brick, we can give our kitchen a much more sophisticated and innovative air. Hanging lamps are one of the most beloved elements by interior decorators and many invite us to introduce lamps traditionally intended for living rooms to further revolutionize our home.

combination and contrast

Although it may seem daring, combining styles usually ensures an almost perfect result when decorating our home. A kitchen with modern and minimalist furniture , for example, can be decorated in harmony with more traditional and baroque elements, as well as combined with a brick wall that can be left exposed or painted in neutral tones to help integrate it into the room. Using techniques and elements from disparate styles can help create a wow factor that won’t make anyone forget about our kitchen.

In a similar way, we can combine different materials such as wood and stainless steel. While wood brings warmth to the whole, steel gives modernity, sobriety and a certain technological and avant-garde air to our kitchen. Steel also, due to its functionality, helps us create clean, simple and easy-to-maintain kitchens where the durability of the materials prevails. If we make sure to have perfect finishes and do without handles, we can aspire to a perfect symbiosis between the futuristic metal and the ecological wood.

A multifunctional island

Although the concept of a kitchen island is relatively new, many wonder how this idea hasn’t caught on before! Installing an island in our kitchen is not only a success because of its high functionality and practical nature, but also because of its impeccable and sophisticated aesthetics. A central island serves as a storage unit or worktop, in addition to being able to integrate fires on which to cook our favorite dishes. A very interesting idea is to choose an island design that incorporates an attached bar where children can spend time doing their homework while having a snack. Also, if our kitchen is in an open space, an island will help us delimit spaces.

American Bar

As a variation of the island that we talked about in the previous section, an American bar can be a success when it comes to decorating our kitchens. Very present in today’s homes, open kitchens have been stomping and are acclaimed with increasing devotion. However, these kitchens usually entail the problem of lack of space and the impossibility of integrating a dining table into them. For this reason, the American bars have begun to replace the traditional table to give a more functional air to our homes. Through some stylish stools we can create different focal points, as well as define the decorative trend with which we want our kitchen to be identified.

nordic kitchens

Trying to imitate the Scandinavian style of decoration in our kitchens can also be a safe bet. The versatility of this trend lies in its base color, white, which is considered by many to be a safe bet in terms of interior decoration. With light colours, we contribute to designing a clean and orderly space in which we enhance the luminosity of our home. These colors also make any room a sophisticated and innovative place.

The color white gives our kitchens an impression of luxury and perfection. As if it were a blank canvas, we will make the objects in our kitchen stand out more and the refined lines of our kitchen give prominence to the high quality of the materials for which we have opted. Details in steel or black wrought iron can help to give it that touch of character that will make our kitchen a completely finished product.

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