Oris: A Luxury Watch Brand That You Must Know

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Mainstream Oris luxury watch brands offer their products at extremely high prices that an ordinary person would not be capable of buying. To wear a watch from Omega, Rolex, or Panerai, you have to secure yourself with over a thousand dollars. It will take you years and years of working before you can earn this large amount of money, especially if you are a fresh graduate. But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer start your watch collection journey.

Why not buy from the brand Oris, which may not have the same fame as the mentioned brands earlier but has a long history of producing high-quality and reasonably priced watches? It is a luxury brand that offers a variety of timepieces for diving, culture, and aviation purposes at significantly lower prices than its direct competitors. If you want to have a deeper understanding of Oris watches, then keep on reading.

The History Of Oris

Paul Cattin and Georges Christian bought the recently closed Lohner and Co watch factory on June 1, 1904, located in the Swiss town of Holstein. They used it to build their own watch company and named it Oris, after a nearby brook. The Oris watches had increasing sales so they decided to open an assembly plant and second factory in the town of Holderbank. Due to the expansion, it had to employ over 300 workers which made it the largest employer in town. It treated its staff well by providing them houses and apartments. It was also their way of enticing more watchmakers to enter their company. The success of Oris continued that by 1929, it expanded its operation in other towns. One of these towns is in Ziefen where the company crafted its first wristwatches.

The Swiss watch statute

When Georges Christian died, Oscar Herzog took over his position and became the General Manager. Despite his great ambition to improve the quality of the company’s timepieces, he failed to do it because of the Swiss Watch Statute. It was a law passed by the government on March 12, 1934, prohibiting any watch companies from introducing new technology without asking for permission. With the law in place, Oris was at a disadvantage because at that time it was using pin lever escapement movement that was less accurate than the one used by competitors.

The brand’s achievements and fallbacks

As a committed watch manufacturer, Oris started producing its watch escapement in 1938 through its highly skilled watchmakers. When the company hired people, it did not see men as better fits for the job giving women equal opportunity. Because of this, it became popular for being one of the first employers that did not discriminate against applicants based on their gender. After a year, the company introduced the first watch with a big crown and a pointer calendar function designed solely for pilots. It paved the way for the company to dominate the aviation industry. However, the Quartz crisis adversely affected the company’s operations leading to reduced production and laying off employees. Eventually, it became a part of ASUAG or referred to as Swatch Group today. Its independent status returned in the mid-1980s when it reintroduced its first mechanical alarm wristwatch.

1.Diver Sixty-Five

The first Oris diver was part of the collection released more than five decades ago. Its latest version is this Diver Sixty-Five with a retro design and classic stainless-steel construction not far from its original vintage style. It now looks casual so you can have it as an everyday watch. It has better built-in technologies compared to the older versions taking the watch to a whole new level. There are no major modifications made from the initial design aside from its light old radium superluminova and its black aluminum inlay on a 60-minute scale.

The Diver Sixty-Five has a case with a thin bezel equipped with the scratch-resistant crystal made from sapphire. You will surely love its solid back with the vintage Oris logo. Being true to its purpose of being a diving watch, it can withstand water levels of up to 100 m. Its price ranges from $1200 to $1700 depending on the size and the functionalities of the watch.

2.Big Crown Pointer Date

This stainless steel model is another vintage watch but with a more casual vibe. It will not look out of place whether you use it during formal events or a get-together with friends. It has a classic coin-edge bezel and cathedral hands which are similar to the older versions. The only difference is that it now comes with a leather strap made from vegetable tanning that can contour one’s wrist. It is easily noticeable because of its bulky and solid appearance made possible by its domed crystal.

The Big Crown Pointer Date comes in two sizes, namely 36 mm and 40 mm perfect for both men and women. The 40 mm version has the only one with a blue dial so you might want to consider that when choosing the size of the watch. You can have it for only $1,600 which is relatively cheaper compared to other brands with the same features and complications.

3.Aquis Date Blue Dial

The Aquis’ excellent build made it one of the most notable and well-known collections of the company. The recent and the older versions are both fantastic choices if you are planning to start your watch collection journey. The new Aquis Date is now slimmer and less bulky to improve the overall flow of the watch design. It was possible because the manufacturer toned down its angular lugs and the crown guard. It has water resistance up to 300 m and a 120-click unidirectional bezel. When buying this watch, you have to choose if you want the leather strap or the rubber one. If you have a limited budget, you may pick the rubber-strapped version because it only costs $1300 to $1400 while the watch with a leather strap costs between $1675 to $1 800.


After reading the article, you probably realized that Oris is not just another luxury brand. It has a lot to offer in the market, including its long and rich history of Oris and innovative watches. Even if you are not into diving, you will still love any of the watches mentioned above, be sure to check them out by visiting WatchShopping!

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