SEO trends in 2023?

SEO trends

SEO is the organic positioning in searches, mainly in Google. Competing to position our website to be among the first search results is not easy and we always have to sacrifice part of our time and effort to grow our site. Also, what worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. That is why we bring you what SEO trends will take place in the coming months.

There is no doubt that the content will continue to be our main asset, since it is the main element that our users see when they access our site.

We must be very careful not to dirty the web with generic content and always opt for our own and quality content, because in this way they will link us and we will get better positioning.

Also pay attention to creating well-structured and readability-oriented articles. Tools like Yoast SEO provide us with an analysis to find out if the sentences or paragraphs are too long, if we use too much passive voice or if we use enough subheadings.

Long content gets more traffic, more shares, and more backlinks. We will need to focus on longer format content, without neglecting quality, if we want to achieve a higher search ranking. Actions to take into account within our content:

  • The content structure will be divided into sections with H2 and H3 subheadings, as they are especially important for mobile devices.
  • Linking with relevant sources and with good PA (page authority).
  • Include links according to our content.

link building

Another important factor that will continue to be present in the coming year is the Link building that, although it does not position by itself, does have relevance in the domain of the link. Therefore, we must take into account the tendency of websites to link to other domains.

featured snippets

A featured snippet is a result that Google shows us above the first search position and that visually highlights it. There are different ways to obtain them, but it is Google that determines whether to put it or not.

Thanks to trial / error, it is believed that the following factors can influence our article to be positioned as a featured snippet:

  • Use titles in H1 or H2 format
  • If it is a question, place the answer near it
  • Optimize images with alt text and captions
  • Do not use anchor text

google discover

Predictive search partners with Google Discover and delivers videos and articles to mobile devices. It is expected that this search will evolve with the delivery of information and become a tool to increase the traffic of a website.

Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness ( EAT )

Things like fast loading times, easy navigation, and relevant content are important to ranking our page. Therefore, the user experience is a factor that Google takes into account and the pages that meet these criteria will go up positions and will be recommended.

If we work on the user experience, we will increase the authority of the site and guide users so that they can perform the actions they want.

Here are some ways we can achieve this:

  • Work the Link building strategy
  • Research keywords for different purposes
  • Focus on search intent
  • Get reviews and answer them all
  • Website compatible with Mobile first indexing

Mobile first

Google will continue to prioritize Mobile first indexing, so all new sites will be crawled mobile first instead of desktop and Core Web Vitals optimization will be paramount . Therefore, if we want to obtain traffic, mobile indexing on our websites will become essential and will continue to be one of the SEO 2023 trends.

Optimize images to generate traffic

The graphic content that we use to enrich our texts not only makes it more attractive for those who read us, but the optimization of these images achieves a more effective positioning.

Optimization consists of creating an image of good quality, resolution, size and tagging it with metadata so that the context of the page, through the image, is understood by search engines.

We must pay attention to the following factors:

  • file names
  • Use alt tags
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Optimize Image Title
  • add subtitles
  • Use own images
  • Perform Link Building with images

Video inclusion

Video is the line to follow and it is the preferred format for users to consume content, so if we still do not have a channel we should consider opening one and start generating content for it. We will make sure to optimize the name and description of the channel, including keywords so that it can be perfectly identified. We leave you some basic SEO actions to apply to a video that we upload to our channel:

  • Include description and keywords of each of the videos that we upload
  • Name in the video the word or keywords with which we want to be searched for
  • Long videos rank better than short ones
  • Encourage our users to interact with the video or channel
  • Attractive video thumbnail image that makes you understand what the video is about
  • Consider adding subtitles

Progressive Web Apps and Machine Learning

Progressive web apps will have an important role as SEO trend 2023. They offer a good user experience and work from the browser without having to install an app on our phone, helping to increase mobile search traffic. Machine learning models will help us discover patterns and identify trends to optimize our positioning. In this way, Google will better understand the intent of the users.

charging times

Loading speed is critical to Google as it takes it into account when ranking our site on SERPs. We must ensure that the web displays as quickly as possible on all devices.  A good tool that shows how long it takes to load all the resources on a page is PageSpeed ​​.


Chatbots will not only be one of the SEO trends in 2023, but they will continue to be so for years to come.  The rise of chatbots makes companies provide a personalized service to their customers. In addition, they allow you to configure yourself to answer frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently.

voice search strategy

Voice searches are not based on positioning keywords, but on solving questions or doubts that users have. Voice search assistants continue to increase year after year and provide the user with a browsing experience, application management and immediate information search.

To optimize this we must give prominence to long tail keywords and think in a natural language, just as a human would. We must then improve the following aspects:

  • Include the question in an H2 heading and answer specific and common questions on a specific topic in the body
  • Be brief and direct, with a language adapted to the subject and user
  • Our page must be in a good position, with attractive content, optimized meta tags and a worked Link Building

Here are some SEO tactics that might be visible to voice search:

  • Optimize content for paragraph indexing
  • Try to get more featured snippets from our site
  • Optimize local searches

predictive search strategy

Predictive search occurs when the search engine suggests words or phrases that it thinks we are looking for. That is to say, if we start to write “domain registrar…”, it will show us a drop-down menu that suggests, for example, ” domain registrar” , thus facilitating the search. Although it is not only there, it can also correct possible mistakes that we are making when writing the text. To appear in the results that the search engine returns based on that prediction, we do not have to do anything. It will be Google that determines if we leave depending on the quality of the content and the interest of the user, based on factors such as location history, search history, browsing history, the use of applications, calendars, etc.

Local SEO or local search strategy

Local SEO is important and has undergone a great evolution. In fact, most people use the search engine to find localized services and this evolution is due to the increase in clickless searches. In searches without clicking, the user is informed through the SERP itself (Search Engine Results Page or in Spanish search engine results page). One of the reasons is the increase in featured snippets. To launch our local business, we can create a Google My Business page and observe what kind of backlinks our competition has to inspire us on what to put in ours.

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