Share Your Word Files Securely With This Easy Trick!

Word Files

People always send their files online presently because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With almost all people working from their homes and attending online classes from their rooms, it’s undoubtedly the only way to send their work conveniently. It would be too costly for them to print and ship their documents, and there’s also the risk of acquiring the disease.

A typical file type that most of us use is Word or DOC. It is the default file type for word processors, and you can make drafts and edit your work anytime with it. They typically contain text, but you can, of course, include images inside. You might be skeptical of the security of your files when sending them through online sharing tools. Check out this accessible trick to ensure that it remains secure throughout the sharing process!

Convert your Word files to PDF

The easiest way to make sure that you can secure your files is to convert Word to PDF. But, what are PDFs? Portable document format, shortly PDF, is a standard file format that essentially acts as an image of your document. They retain all the formatting in place, so it appears just the same in any computer you open the file on.

You might ask, “How do I convert my Word documents to PDF?” If it were before, you would probably find yourself in a bind as the steps to do the conversion may be complicated. Fortunately, many websites offer to do this job! All you have to do is lookup for file converters on your web browser. Follow the guide below to do the conversion successfully.

Here’s how you can change your Word to PDF.

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Upload your selected Word file.
  3. PDFBear automatically converts your file to PDF.
  4. When the generated download link appears, just click it and save your file!

It’s easy, isn’t it? We recommend that you use PDFBear for two notable reasons. First, it can quickly finish the conversion process, hence, saving you a lot of time that you can use for other matters. Second, it boasts tight security and ensures its users that their files remain safe during their experience with the said tool. It’s an impressive choice, right?

Why convert to PDF?

Maybe you’re wondering why we told you to convert your Word file to PDF. There’s simply one reason. PDF is perhaps the most secure of all file types. You can impose password encryption on it, thus significantly ensuring that the only one who has access to it is the person you intended to. So, how does this password encryption work?

There are two types of passwords that you can set: the user and owner password. As simple as their names mean, user passwords are for the people who are authorized to open and view the file. Meanwhile, the owner password allows the file creator to impose restrictions on several actions like printing, editing, copying, and the like.

This way, you can ensure that no other people can access your Word documents without your permission. But here’s a tip! Give the password to the people that you can genuinely trust and will not likely leak it. After all, information leak happens because of the people who can access your file, authorized or not, and not the file itself.

Security and Integrity

You might ask about the possible areas to utilize the benefits of converting your files to PDF. Recall that the two primary benefits of the portable document format are that it preserves the graphic integrity of your file, and you can secure it with password encryption. These two advantages are convenient when dealing with contracts and sensitive information.

For instance, you need a specific client to sign an agreement. You can assure them that the contents of the file remain the same as it is in PDF. It only means that the chances that you will modify the file are a lot smaller. Consequently, you can ensure that their information remains accessible to only you and the authorized personnel if you encrypt it with a password.

Final say

Indeed, security matters are met with skepticism as people don’t know if their intellectual property remains safe. It’s good to have doubts about security because only by checking it yourself can you ensure that the protection is set. Though you can’t remove the possibility of someone trying to make unauthorized access to your file, you can do a simple trick to ensure your files’ safety.

Just convert your Word documents to PDF and set password encryption for it! This way, you can also maintain your files’ formatting while ensuring that only your selected people can open your documents. If you don’t know how to do this, you can have a cursory look on the web, and you’ll find many websites offering to do it for you! But, in this regard, PDFBear is the right one for you.

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