Top 10 Games Like Wordle


Top 10 Games Like Wordle

When you are on a bus or taking a break or getting bored playing something interesting on your phone is always nice. But if Wordle doesn’t support your phone or you are fed up with the ads or if you are over with Wordle and want to play other word games then there is some alternative you can try.

How to play Wordle?

Those Who don’t know what Wordle is, well, Wordle is an online game you can play on your phone or pc. To play Wordle, you are given six chances to find out the five-letter word given on your set.

In this game, you can see three colour grids. The first grey means that the letter is not a part of the correct word. Second, yellow shows that the letter is available in the correct but situated in the wrong place and finally, green means the letter is included in the correct word and located at the right spot.

Top 10 Alternative of Wordle

1.   Quordle

The first one on our list is Quordle. This game is a lot like WordleWordle, but there is a difference, making it exciting and easier for beginners. Instead of 6 tries and five letter words, you get nine shots and four-letter words to solve. But at some point, the game gets trickier as the letters start reducing; it gets harder to guess nine attempts.

2.   Crosswordle

At first, this game might look easy, but the more you play it, the more you realise how difficult it is. From the beginning of this game, crosswordle will give the correct word at the bottom of your set. Now you have to add incorrect words to complete the grid. In every grid, the colours grey, yellow and green is mentioned. And you need to come up with a word that can feature those colour grids with letters.

3.   Antiwordle

If you know the rules of WordleWordle, it won’t help you much in this game. Antiwordle is the exact opposite of WordleWordle. In this game, unlike Wordle, you must avoid guessing the correct word. You must use every letter on the keyboard to win this game while avoiding the right word. It’s quite challenging to think like that, making it more fun.

4.   Nerdle

Those who are more into numbers than words definitely should play this game. If you are good at maths, you can easily play this game. Here you need to guess the solution and the equation to solve it. But the problem is after solving one problem; you have to wait eight hours for another one.

5.   Waffle

This game waffle is a bit like a crossword but yet different. In this game, you are given all the letters in the grid. Now, you need to do is arrange them in the correct order. And just like Wordle, if the letter is placed correctly, it will turn green. Also, you’ll get 15 swaps to solve it.

6.   Squabble

Every gaming experience gets better when played with friends. You can quickly jump into games and play with random players or even invite your friends. It’s a fast-paced game where you don’t have to wait for another set. Here you need to play wisely. If you lose your health, you’ll get eliminated.

7.   Dordle

To play this game, you must be good at multitasking. Instead of solving one puzzle, you need to solve two puzzles in this game. With every guess, it will apply to both secret words. But the only benefit is you will be given seven guesses instead of six. So be prepared to multitask and solve two mysteries at the same time.

8.   Heardle

Love songs? Then heardle is the best option for you. Here this game will play a song of a popularly known artist for a few seconds. And then, you need to guess the correct song within six attempts. And the more you guess it wrong, the more the song will unlock. So you can easily play this game.

9.   Globle

To play Globale, take one out of your atlas from your bookshelf. Here the game will show you the outline of a place, and to play this game, you need to guess the place’s name correctly. And with every wrong guess, the game will show you the distance between your country and the correct country name.

10. Framed

Just like Heardle is for music lovers, Framed is for movie lovers. You must guess the movie name from the flames series in this game. You are allowed to have six attempts, and with each wrong guess, a new frame from the movie will pop up on your phone screen. But this game is relatively easy, and after some time, it gets too predictable to guess the right movie.


If you are bored, the list of unique online games is endless. Here all the above games are suitable for your brain and take just a few minutes to complete. So if you want something different from WordleWordle, there are many options. So try these games above and find the best one for you.

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