Watch Out for These 8 Timeless Ingenieur Timepieces

With a striking design combined with rugged sportiness and technical appeal, the name Ingenieur sure is a fitting one. Ingenieur evolved from the Old French and Medieval Latin word ingeniator which means, “the one who makes or uses an engine.” When translated from German to English, the word ingenieur refers to an engineer. Engineers are people who design and construct buildings and structures from raw materials. Its name well represents a mechanical timepiece that meets a high standard of craftsmanship, technical design, and practicality.

Ingenieur continues to produce timepieces engineered for speed with undeniably striking designs and stylish ever since its emergence in 1995. Here are 8 Ingenieur watches still valuable and are to look out for:

1.IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport IW380901

IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport (Ref. IW380901) is a 44mm in diameter and 15mm thick timepiece made from lightweight and strong titanium. Its jet-black dial framed by a polished titanium bezel is an attention catcher, giving it a sophisticated look.

Along with the 2-register flyback chronograph of the design is a small second hand shaped like a lightning bolt that serves as a reminder that a soft-iron cage protects its movement from the negative impact of magnetic fields. IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport is powered with the Manufacture 89361 Calibre with an automatic movement functionality.

This timepiece is paired with a black calfskin strap, contrasting the white stitches. It is offered in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

2.IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon IW590001

IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon IW590001 is a model patented with a constant-force mechanism, hence the name, that guarantees its precision. Its machine is integrated with a tourbillon and ensures that the balance amplitude remains constant.

This design features a 46mm diameter with a see-through sapphire-glass back. It has an anti-reflexive coating on both sides of the sapphire glass and has a 4848 hours power reserve.

3.IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month IW379201

Presented with a titanium aluminide watch case and powered with 89802 Calibre, an IWC-manufactured movement, this model reaffirmed the reputation of IWC as the materials pioneer in the watchmaking industry. IWC Ingenieur IW379201 prides a perpetual calendar with large double-digit displays for the date, month, and leap year display. It has a screw-in crown and a diameter of 46mm.

4.IWC Ingenieur Reference 666

Known as the mother of all Ingenieurs, Reference 666 features a simple yet classic design. Dating from the early 1960s, this wristwatch was considered an easy-to-use timepiece that can complement any outfit.

IWC Ingenieur Reference 666 has a lot of subtle and cool elements incorporated into it. Its silver dial adorned with the stylized lightning bolt was a detail many fawned over. The steel hands of the model mixed with a dauphine and dagger style added another charm to it.

  1. Ingenieur Automatic IW357001

This IWC Ingenieur model is powered with an automatic, self-winding 35111 Calibre. It is a stainless steel case model measuring 40mm around its diameter and has an anti-reflective coating. IW357001 is an eye-friendly timepiece, good enough to read from a luminescent black dial.

6.IWC Ingenieur Reference 866

IWC Ingenieur Reference 866 is the successor of Reference 666. Released in 1967, this second-generation Ingenieur is a rare amagnetic wristwatch. It boasts a brilliant blue dial and a crisp steel bracelet.

Powered with a more improved caliber movement, Calibre 8541, many prefer this model to the original. Its dial is comparatively larger, and it is more water-resistant. The updated styling of its sword hands and double-bar index markers was greatly admired.

7.IWC Ingenieur Chronograph IW380803

IW380803 is an 18kt rose gold classic Ingenieur timepiece. Similar to its case, the bezel of this model is also a fixed 18kt rose gold. It has a grey dial that goes in contrast to its gold-tone hands and index hour markers. These hands and markers are luminescent, making them eye-friendly. The transparent back of this watch and its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is quite the eye-catcher.

Reference 3505, 3508, And 3521

IWC Ingenieur produced three consecutive watches during the era of the Jumbo Ingenieur. This production line marked the time when the company started to grow. The watches mentioned were designed and engineered with newer features.

Introduced with a slimmer and more elegant look is the Reference 3505. Reference 3508 soon then followed with a distinctive magnetic model. The last and highlight of the three is Reference 3521. It is a certified chronograph and was made out of a platinum rotor.

The Ingenieur Collection

The strength of IWC Ingenieur timepieces is their materials. These well-picked materials made the watch line one of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry. Their rugged yet sophisticated designs integrated with high technology and advanced systems have let them cement their name in the industry. With Ingenieur, your timepieces are guaranteed to look elegant and powered with leading mechanization.

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