We Can Relate To These Indian Educational Web Series

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For most of us, our childhood and adolescent years are the most enjoyable times of our life. 

Things look a lot simpler, rosier, and uncomplicated when we only have ourselves to worry about. 

While some of our readers are fortunate enough to still be in school or college, the rest of us can only dream. 

Here are some Indian web series on student life that could replace the gap in your heart left by the school. You can download them from proxy-rarbg and enjoy. 

1: Kota Factory

Kota Factory by TVF is based on Kota’s amazing capacity to find the toppers and prepare them for one of the toughest exams in India, the IIT Entrance. 

Kota Factory is an entertaining, emotive parody of the Indian school system, featuring highly well-developed and realistic characters and events.

‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ has become our favorite teacher since we watched him on Kota Factory.

2: Aspirants

UPSC is shrouded in secrecy as India’s most difficult examination. 

Most of us know someone who has been attempting to crack the UPSC for years and perhaps even someone who has succeeded. 

It follows the life of three UPSC aspirants who are buddies. The story alternates between the past and present of the three friends and their respective tales.

3: Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel, presented by Girliyapa, transports you to the era of roommates, stolen goods, senior-junior ties, and the incomparable ‘hostel life.’ 

The story preserves a realism that allows viewers to identify with the tales and events depicted, even when it panders to a few clichés.

Even though the ending of the story is not well-explained, and fans kept waiting for Gurpreet to return, the show did a good job handling the narrative. 


FLAMES transports you to the days of school romance. To be more precise, it takes you back to the days of tuition romance. 

This series, starring Tanya Maniktala and Ritvik Sahore, will allow you to recapture the feelings of that first crush and everything that comes with it.

This teenage romance web series by Timeliners is all about Love and that Chemical Reaction!

5: Operation MBBS

It goes without saying that living as a medical student is not easy. 

While the admission exam is tough to pass, even after the first relief of being accepted into a college, average medical students don’t have much time to catch their breath. 

It follows the lives of some new medical students as they struggle with never-ending studying, nasty seniors, and personal difficulties.

6: What’s Your Status

What’s Your Status is a romance drama set in college that takes a while to get into, but once it does, it’s difficult not to binge-watch. 

This rom-com series is one of the best because it explores different love stories, allowing you to understand how your UG relationship was and how you took the plunge in your first adult relationship. 

Of course, the fact that it stars Naveen Polishetty, the web series’ favorite boy, helps.

7: Laakhon Mein Ek

Biswa takes on the role of narrator in this one.

He tells the narrative of a young child who aspires to study at IIT, India’s finest engineering institution. He, on the other hand, becomes a misfit in his coaching. 

The second season introduces a new character, Shreya, a young doctor sent to a cataract camp in a rural area.

8: College Romance

This romantic comedy comes loaded with some great one-liners, and the cast is pretty good too.

At the same time, there are some clichés that you can easily spot in this series, and if they could have been avoided, it would have ranked higher. 

But, overall, this series is fun-filled and can get you searching for your first infatuation on social media.

9: The Reunion

It’s not really a school or college series, but it transports you back to your late adolescent years. 

The titular protagonists gather for a reunion and reflect on their present relationships with previous pals as well as the history they have left behind. 

Throughout their trip, viewers are given the opportunity to reflect on the life they left behind when they began adulting.

Final Note

These educational web series in India have done a great job depicting the Indian educational system, its students’ lives, and their responses to romance.

You can definitely relate to these shows and find yourself immersed in their journeys.

So, if you need more details on these shows, ping us in the comment section below. We can get back to you with an answer in no time. 

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