The value of personalized packaging for your business

personalized packaging

Packaging continues to be a decisive factor that influences the user’s purchase decision. Therefore, developing creative and practical packaging becomes very important.

So… isn’t it something that all those professionals who are dedicated to online sales and ecommerce should take advantage of? For online stores, personalized packaging has become the point of union between the brand and the customer, since when the latter receives the package at home, he experiences certain emotions. In those seconds, the great challenge for brands is to provoke positive feelings.

If you don’t provoke the user in any of that, the user will just open the package. This means that this experience will not remain engraved in his memory for a long time and, what is worse, you will not connect emotionally with him.

Are you aware of the weight of good personalized packaging? We tell you how this factor influences the shopping experience.

Benefits of personalized packaging

For this reason, leaving the packaging design in the hands of professionals will be a great relief. These are the main advantages that personalized boxes bring to your brand:

  • The customer activates in his memory the memory of a positive experience with your brand.
  • You connect with the user and make him loyal.
  • You increase your prestige.
  • You attract new customers.
  • You give a current and modern image.

Unboxing: The magic of personalized boxes

How many times have you seen an influencer on Instagram opening a package that they just received? These collaborate with the brands, record themselves to open the package and use this technique called Unboxing to generate surprise and intrigue in other users.

But what is the point of this? By making a video or photo of that emotional moment, opening the package, other users are motivated to share it on their social networks.

In this video, all the details included in the packaging are shown and it is, without a doubt, a way for your brand to achieve more visibility through this creative formula.

It is evident that the first thing that concerns the customer waiting for his order is that it arrives intact. After this, the most important thing for the user is to arouse emotions.

Therefore, if that user has uploaded a video or photo about your product to their networks, it will be a sign that you have connected, your brand image will reach more people and you will attract new customers.

8 Aspects to look for in your personalized packaging

Would you like to design attractive packaging that truly connects with your customers and makes them loyal? So take note of the following tips:

1. An easily recognizable design

This means that the user, just by seeing it, has to recognize the brand in seconds, either by its logo, typography or corporate color.

Therefore, the package must present a face, through which the brand identity is expressed so that the user can recognize it immediately.

2. Complicity and connection with the target audience

In addition to this resource, it is necessary to know the target audience well in order to establish the appropriate tone and language. Imagine that your target audience is children aged 4-6 and you need a custom packaging design suitable for this segmentation.

In the case of this example, it would not make sense to apply images that catch your attention before text, since some do not know how to read or are still just learning.

3. Integration between originality and utility

For example, in a product related to sweets, if a packaging simulates the shape of a sweet, you will provide a unique aesthetic. But if it also has a symbolic effect, it will encourage the user to ingest the product.

4. In line with current trends

Which means your image is outdated. However, if you cannot redesign your image now, you should at least convey a fresh and current image on the packaging.

For example, if Instagram contests and giveaways are all the rage right now , run a contest and encourage interaction through the packaging.

5. Differential value

There are many similar products. Therefore, you should think about how to differentiate yours from the rest, either with a system:

  • Different closure.
  • Dosing so as not to waste the product.
  • Practical for greater user comfort.

6. Sustainable materials

Society is aware of the serious damage that plastic is causing. So opting for more sustainable solutions will help you connect better with your audience.

For this reason, many brands are choosing cardboard and paper as materials, which can be easily reused.

7. Customized packaging with multiple uses

If you use a container that can be reused to store something, for example, the user will prefer your product to that of the competition (if the latter uses a container that cannot be reused).

8. Design faithful to the brand image

The design has to be of quality to show professionalism; a triggering factor that will drive the user to make the purchase decision.

We hope that after reading this post, you have seen the importance of personalized packaging in a sales strategy. And now it’s your turn to implement all these tips!

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