How to Choose a WordPress Theme in 2022


WordPress not only stands out for the functionalities it offers, but also because it adapts perfectly to any type of online project; be it a blog, a service page, an online store or a corporate website.

It is normal that when you want to start a new online project, you cannot invest as much as you would like in a powerful template. And, therefore, you have no choice but to use a free basic template. It’s not bad to start with, but we recommend that as soon as you have the chance, give your brand a more professional image in line with your corporate identity with a premium template that suits your needs.

In this post, we will help you choose a suitable theme for your WordPress web design project , needs and objectives, and we will recommend the best sites to purchase it.

Types of WordPress theme according to your project

There are many different WordPress themes, so they are not worth the same thing. Each one has its function and choosing the wrong one will prevent you from achieving your goals. For example, if you have an online store and you choose a theme with a format that adapts to a magazine, it would not make much sense, right?

Therefore, before choosing and purchasing a theme you must be clear about two things:

  1. The style of your website: what is your goal and how are you going to reach them?
  2. The type of content that you are going to capture (products, articles, photos, news, reviews…).

Depending on the style of a site, you can find the following typology:

  • Blog or portfolio, to show your professional profile and work on your personal brand.
  • Online store, to expose your products.
  • Corporate, for companies or freelancers who want to reflect their identity and offer their services.
  • Magazine, for news and articles as a magazine.

It is true that if your goal is to sell products through an ecommerce, but you also want to add a blog to improve trust with your users and thus boost conversion, your WordPress template should be focused on an online store that includes the option of add a blog and be able to include plugins for sale.

9 Recommendations to choose the right WordPress theme

In addition to the price, which is a determining factor in getting a quality premium template, since it guarantees security, good support and an impressive design, these are the criteria that you must take into account when choosing a theme according to your objectives.

1. Quick and easy installation

If you prefer to do the installation yourself and you don’t have much technical knowledge on how to do it, opt for a WordPress theme that is easy to install if you don’t want to go crazy.

2. Regular updates

Choose a theme that is updated frequently. This means that there are improvements for the user and this for Google is of vital importance.

So, opt for templates that are constantly updated and adapt to new changes on the web.

3. Referrals from websites you like

You can be inspired by other pages that are attractive to you to choose the WordPress template that you want to adapt to your project.

For example, there is a very useful tool for this purpose called WPTheme Detector that will help you find out which specific theme that blogger has used. Although sometimes it is not necessary to use it because many specify in the footer what template they have used. And if not, you can take a look at its source code

4. Security

Make sure you have an updated WordPress version, use a secure username and password, that allows you to make a regular copy of files, and that the hosting is reliable (that makes automatic backups).

5. Personalization

One of the phases of the template installation process is customizing its settings. Think that the more options you have in your Admin panel, the more you can modify your design or structure without having to touch any programming.

6. SEO optimization

An SEO-optimized WordPress template is a plus for your online project. Why not choose one of these if it improves your web positioning and attracts a greater number of visits?

Beware of some templates that show duplicate content on two different pages, that have text that cannot be modified or that have an error in their code that affects SEO.

7. Fast charging

As you know, this is a factor that affects SEO positioning. Therefore, check that the template you choose loads fast with the help of Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool .

8. Support multiple languages

The template you choose should support several languages ​​to give a good image and professionalism. There are many blogs that in their options appear phrases in English «read more» and if you can avoid it, what you will win with respect to your competition. Don’t you think?

9. Positive reviews from other users

This is another of the criteria that we consider relevant before purchasing a WordPress template. Analyze what other customers who have already used it think, what positive points they highlight and what negative points they criticize. This way you can get an idea of ​​whether or not it fits what you are looking for.

Where to buy professional WordPress theme?

These are our top 3 directories that we recommend you visit, where great designers exhibit and sell their WordPress templates:

  • themeforest
  • Stylish Themes
  • TemplateMonster

The first two have affordable prices, starting at around $50 and are characterized by their excellent quality. Instead, the third option is ideal for those who can invest a little more and give it a touch of superior professionalism.


The most important thing when choosing a WordPress template is to be clear about your goal, because without this you can choose a beautiful but not very functional theme.

In addition to this, it is key to take into account all these criteria that we have mentioned in the post and stop for a while to think if the requirements they meet are adapted to what you really need.

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