13 Tips to retain visitors with your blog

visitors with your blog

We all know that content marketing works, and it can be seen in the widespread trend among businesses to create better blogs and content for their potential customers.

However, including a blog in our business is not enough. If we do not implement it in the right way and for the right reasons, this is not going to help us attract and, much less, retain customers and visitors.

How to retain the visitors of your blog so that they are followers?

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind not only to attract new readers, but also to make them fall in love and want to continue reading you every week:

1. Create a Blog to Help and Not to Sell

Most of the people create a blog to help the website to sell more, but people are very smart, and they realize this.

The point of a blog is to help educate our visitors and eventually they will want to do business with us without even being asked.

In our blogs we always seek to provide useful information for our visitors, and thus they realize the value that we can offer their brand with our services. Generally, many new clients come through our blog after reading some interesting articles that they can apply in their business.

2. Give Helpful eBooks

One of the most powerful forms of marketing that are used are free ebooks. These are PDF documents, with lots of information and examples that anyone can start applying immediately.

These guides are very popular because they offer valuable content and are totally available for free.

3. Caring for Readers

Have you noticed that there are bloggers who respond to all comments? They do it to have a closer contact with their readers and potential customers, and it works!

When we start a blog, we don’t realize the benefit of responding to every comment. We now know that this helps build a powerful connection with readers, who are loyal visitors and even customers.

4. Know your Audience

One of the mistakes in content strategies followed by bloggers is that they don’t really know their audience. For example, a niche of readers that tends to grow rapidly is that of those who are starting their entrepreneurial careers on the Internet.

They are trying to build their own traffic and income, for that reason it is highly recommended to blog articles that help readers stand up to the big companies.

5. Be passionate about blogs

If you don’t like what you write, your readers will know. If your content is not great, very few people will read it, so before creating a blog it is essential that you find those topics that make you feel comfortable and allow you to approach the content with passion.

6. Focus on Titles

No matter how good or bad our blog is, no one will read it if our headlines are bad, let’s focus on creating engaging headlines.

7. Opinions Based on Statistics

People want to know what you think, that’s why they are reading your blog. Having statistics to back up your opinions is a great way to generate more traffic. Every time we write a post that includes statistics, at least 20% more comments are generated than when the post does not have them.

8. Be consistent

John Chow, who generates more than $40,000 a month from his blog, said that the most important element of blogging is consistency, and he’s right. The moment we release the ball the traffic drops.

9. Don’t Try to Sound Smart

Using technical jargon may sound good, but it will be difficult for most people to understand our message and then they will stop reading us.

10. Be yourself

The most interesting part of creating and maintaining a blog is that your personality can shine through what you write. Be yourself and be consistent with yourself. For example, when we write controversial articles, many do not like it. Why? Well, because we are all different, we are known for our articles with content that can be used immediately.

11. Be Genuine

One of the best ways to win over your visitors is to be genuine. Many people who walk away from companies do so because of the false promises and testimonials that they give in some cases.

Although this can make you money in the short term, in the long term it will lead to a brand crisis and you will lose money or reputation.

12. Use Contrasting Colors

When it comes to calls to action (generating clicks with messages like “click here”, “shop now”, “opt in and win”), design matters. Contrasting colors typically increase conversion rate by at least 10%. Colors such as blue, green, red, orange and yellow are recommended for this.

13. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Let’s not get overly complex with our messages and designs. Currently the web pages that perform best in terms of conversion numbers are those that manage to be done with a clear and clean design.

With a little hard work, you too can charm your visitors and win them over. You don’t have to be the smartest person on the planet to pull it off, all you have to do is work hard and care about your readers. If you offer them what they are looking for, in the long run you will achieve better results. This is the philosophy of the big companies.

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