Types and keys of product branding

product branding

This strategy has the task of communicating, as well as generating credibility and trust in the audience. Therefore, branding is a key tool to promote actions aimed at building a positive image in the minds of consumers.

So, if when launching a new product you want to provide that differentiating value, give a good image and connect with your audience, you must know:

  • The importance of product branding or product branding.
  • The keys to designing a winning branding strategy.
  • What is the role of the Brand Manager in a business.

Types of branding: Personal and product branding

The concept of product branding has always been present. Branding has always focused on certain products or services. However, in recent years branding has been associated with personal branding or personal branding. But how are these two concepts different?

On the one hand, personal branding consists of positioning yourself as a benchmark in your sector, making your target audience see who you are and what you offer. The key is to know how you would like people to remember you and work to achieve that brand image .

On the other hand, product branding or product branding focuses exclusively on the product or service, whose objective is:

  • Reinforce attributes of products or services.
  • Create purchase preference.
  • Provide the consumer with relevant meanings.

Keys to promote the branding of a product

In short, both product branding and personal or corporate branding have the same focus, which is to be different, relevant and credible. But be careful, because if the consumer does not understand your value proposition from the beginning, then your strategy will fail.

Therefore, we must take into account these three keys:

  • Differentiation: Faced with so much competition, differentiation is necessary to transmit values ​​and develop a personalized corporate identity . That will be the first way to connect with your customers.
  • Relevance: Your product can be very different from the rest, but if your value proposition is not relevant to your target, the product will go unnoticed.
  • Credibility: If your product is something new and you want to show its benefit in its packaging, you must accurately communicate the reality and not invent it to attract attention. In addition, your proposal must show consistency with your brand.
  • Adequate communication: Packaging design matters, since it helps the consumer to get an idea about the advantages offered by that product compared to the competition, if it is beneficial for him to acquire that product and at what time he would consume it. All this will motivate the consumer to opt for that product.

In addition to these three keys, in a product branding strategy it is essential to apply these tools with which to create that emotional bond between client and brand:

  • Graphic design: Your corporate identity must be reflected in an attractive and functional visual graphic design. And we are not only referring to the design of your logo, but to any design that reflects the essence of what you offer, both your products and your services.
  • Advertising: A marketing and advertising strategy adapted to your brand is necessary to gain visibility, improve your reputation and make your audience remember who you are, what you do and how you are going to help them with your product.
  • User experience: This is another factor to take into account in your product branding strategy. A satisfied customer is very likely to repeat their purchase process and even recommend you.
  • Price: This is one of the differential values ​​by which a brand can be differentiated from the rest, assuming a competitive advantage for it.

What is the role of a Brand Manager?

The professional who is in charge of managing the image of a brand and developing actions so that it is communicated consistently, according to its values ​​and objectives, is called a Brand Manager. Did you know this role?

To give you an idea, these are the functions of a Brand Manager:

  • Know the preferences of the target audience.
  • Join ideas with the team so that the brand transmits a coherent message aligned with its values.
  • Research the competition and the market.
  • Develop the brand strategy, establishing objectives and actions according to a budget.
  • Take care of the brand’s reputation and manage new business opportunities.
  • Be analytical with the different campaigns carried out and draw conclusions for improvement.

Many make the mistake of not investing in branding and end up giving an image that does not correspond to what they really want to give. To take the first step, we recommend that you look for a graphic design agency , specialists who can guide you step by step from scratch.

Having professionals who ensure the branding of your business, your products or services, is a plus to generate brand awareness and speed up the sales processes in your company. If you need more information about this service, at MadridNYC we can guide you. Ask us without obligation here !

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