How to make professional infographics step by step


Infographics are a way of visually representing information. They are usually done using descriptive, narrative or interpretive elements. Using symbols and signs. At Web de Marketing we want to teach you how to make infographics step by step, without the need to be a professional in the area of ​​design.

These visual representations transform complex information into a simpler one, capable of being captured by any audience. In general, infographics activate both areas of the brain at the same time, the verbal-analytical and the visual-creative.

Advantages of infographics in communication

how to make an infographic by hand

Time to decipher the information

The information, however complex it may be, is capable of being decoded in less time when looking at an infographic. In other words, the point of how to make infographics is knowing how to capture the information.

It is viralizable on the networks

It is capable of expanding and reaching quickly on social networks . Just think about relevant pages , like Pictoline . In addition, those that are usually published on social networks.

A good marketing tool

They are considered a powerful marketing tool . They even serve to promote the brands of some organizations.

Allows for high levels of learning

In the teaching-learning process, it allows reaching high-level skills such as representing, analyzing and evaluating.

What characterizes an infographic?

The center of attention

The main images are placed in the center of the content and to the sides complementary information with images and texts.

Disclosure media

It is used in Internet pages, newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, documents and others, as a simple and practical way of disseminating information.

Should be viewed as a news article

Like any news, it must respond to what, who, where, when, how and why using purely visual elements. In addition, it must improve and deepen the information considering its journalistic context.

You must consider some journalistic criteria

The information must be updated, with its own entity, that allows synthesis, without errors or contradictions, easy to understand, that has aesthetics and that presents text in typographic form.

How to make infographics

First step: Define the objectives of your infographic

The first step in how to make infographics is to define what you will use the infographic for.For example, to explain or visualize a concept, show statistical information, explain a technology, summarize a document or show the steps of a project.

If what you want is to simplify a flowchart of a complex process, infographics are the ideal tool, so that the audience can clarify any doubts or confusions about it.

how to create an infographic

Second step: Identify the source of information and document it

To continue on how to make infographics, you must think about where to go to collect information about the objective you set for yourself. This step is important to give veracity to the infographic that you plan to design. To be more objective, carefully review information contrary to yours, or if there are other documents similar to the infographic presented.

You can review books, specialized magazines, Google, Wikipedia, electronic newspapers, blogs, Slideshare, YouTube, Twitter, among others. If you consider it necessary, you can also create and apply online or offline surveysAlso, check that the source of information is reliable.

As a recommendation, use academic search engines that allow you to find specialized information. Remember that the internet is a universe of information, some academic and other everyday. Discard those of doubtful origin.

Some of the most reliable search engines are academic Google, Highbeam Research for research, books and specialized articles, Chemedia for content books, Redalyc for Latin American, Caribbean and Spanish journals,, RefSeek, Scielo, ERIC.

Third step: Organize all the documented information

You can organize a portfolio where you will organize the information by topics of greater or lesser relevance and their respective subtopics. In other words, it classifies the documents according to the value of the information, placing first hand, the one with the greatest contributions and that responds to the stated objectives. Important when thinking about how to make infographics.

It also discards material of little interest to purify and honest the work information. This way you will save time and your ideas will flourish faster.

Fourth step: Design different sketches of the infographic

Having the information well organized and checked, then continue making sketches on the infographic. You can get very creative. What’s more, you can make up to three using the free program. This way, you can reflect on what you collected. Remember that information is essential when thinking about how to make infographics.

Here you can draw different versions of the infographic in grayscale. For this, you must concentrate on the central idea and connect them with the secondary ones, observing how the information would reach the audience.

Step Five: Design the Infographic

Once you have selected the ideal sketch that meets all the objectives set, then design your infographic once and for all.

For this, you must consider some elements such as color, which gives it the perfect contrast to improve reading . It is recommended to use to select colors.

The style must be very original, avoiding copying elements from other infographics. Graphic information is essential , while excessive text should be discarded. The latter is called integration.

At, you will find the right fonts and letter sizes for infographic design. Use your creativity to choose the most suitable ones. Simple images, or icons, should dominate the design elements. This way you will communicate properly. You can visit, to find a wide variety of images.

Tools to make infographics

Web tools like Canva allow you to create images and design templates especially for inexperienced people. also brings you free infographics, AdobeSpark tackles top topics for infographics, is great for non-designers by showcasing a large number of free infographics.

how to make an infographic

Easel.Ly is also a slightly more sophisticated web tool for designing custom infographics, it allows you to drag and drop any number of lines, images, text, shapes, etc. Similarly, PiktoChart allows you to make attractive infographics with original colors and fonts. However, it is not free.

In case you only need to create varieties of shapes with the selected words in your infographic , then go to They are very useful when thinking about how to make infographics.

Remember that when creating an infographic you must integrate the useful with the aesthetic , and that all the elements enter into perfect visual harmony to bring the story you want to tell to the reader or audience.

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