What is a VPN? 5 reasons to wear one in 2022


Although more and more people know them, perhaps you are still not clear about what we mean when we talk about VPN, so we can start by answering the question, what is a VPN ? Basically, a VPN is a type of internet connection that protects you and allows you to enjoy privacy while you are browsing the internet. From Marketing Web we tell you everything about the subject.

It achieves this because it creates an encrypted tunnel for your connection data , hiding your IP address and in this way you can protect your online identity. Your connection will be made through one of the servers of the provider of your VPN connection that are located in different parts of the world in this way that when someone tries to access your data (such as your IP or your location) they will never be able to access it. your real data.

It is widely used by millions of users to protect their privacy online, browse safely and obtain other different types of advantages, including having access to content from streaming platforms that we do not have access to or being able to obtain the best prices in our online shopping.

We are going to analyze the 5 reasons to always use a VPN in 2022

Now that you know what a VPN is, let’s see why it can be a good option to use.

  • Browse safely

Right now there are several fronts we have to deal with to protect our privacy every time we go online.

From our Internet service provider, to companies that collect data to monetize or sell it, to cybercriminals who will try to use our personal data for malicious purposes, every time you connect to the Internet there is a great possibility of that someone is monitoring your activity.

However, with the use of a VPN you will be able to browse the internet in peace, since this type of connection ensures that your connection is encrypted and your location remains hidden .

  • Being able to use public networks when traveling

One of the biggest fears we have when we are outside our country is having to use a public WIFI network. These types of networks are easily tracked by professional cybercriminals, since their security is very low and you may have problems accessing compromised data such as your bank details or other sensitive data for us or our clients.

As we already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the type of security of a VPN, with 256-bit AES encryption , will give you total peace of mind while you are browsing.

  • Help you improve your connection speed

It is known by many that some Internet service providers are dedicating themselves to limiting the connection speed of their users , especially when you use your connection for activities in which you need larger bandwidth such as streaming movies, playing games. online or downloading content, so that they contract a faster type of service than the one you currently have contracted.

Again, using a VPN connection will solve this problem as your IP address will be masked and your ISP will not be able to figure out what you are using the bandwidth for.

In addition, as your connection will go directly through a server of your VPN provider, it will be more difficult for them to apply any type of speed restriction to you.

In short, what is a VPN? Advantages, advantages and more advantages.

  • View restricted content online

Surely at some point in your life you were eager to see the next episode or the next season of your favorite series or movie, but this was not yet available in Spain.

However, you knew that in another country, perhaps in the United States or in any other country, this content was already available. Surely at that moment you felt like moving to that country for a few days to start watching your series or movie as soon as possible.

Well, you will be glad to know that another reason why it is a very useful VPN is because we can do something similar. We can easily “move” to another country to be able to access content from other states and all without having to move from home.

We will only have to choose a server that is in this country in which we are interested and connect to it and the service provider will simply detect that we are physically there. Problem solved!

  • Save on our online purchases

With the same method that we have mentioned of using servers from different countries, we can get the best prices online , whether it is to buy flights, book hotel rooms or rent cars . Try to use servers from countries with less economic resources than yours or the country of origin to which you travel.

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