10 SEO techniques to increase your reach on Instagram


10 SEO techniques to increase your reach on Instagram

1. Make a good first impression

To start, it is essential that you improve your profile . It’s the first thing they see and if they don’t like it, they leave. There is no point in directing many visits to your profile if it is not of interest.
First of all, it must be public . A private profile cannot increase visibility on Instagram . The profile picture is also an important element that you should take care of. Smile!, if it is a personal account or use your logo , in color, if it is a company account.
Another ingredient that allows a better SEO positioning on Instagram is to register your account on Instagram Business .

Although all this, a priori, seems very obvious, it is important that you take it into account, since, as we have said, it is the first impression, in which it is determined if a user is interested in you or not. Ultimately, having an attractive profile helps you increase your reach on Instagram.

2. Your username defines your activity

Like your profile, the name you choose for your account defines your activity. With such a large number of active users, we know that many of your chosen ones will be busy, so get creative .
As we know, the Instagram search engine is unique, although it resembles any search engine. That is why including your main keyword in the username is one of the most effective SEO techniques in social networks. If a user performs a search using the keyword to which your niche belongs, and you have it included in your name, your chances of appearing in the first results will greatly increase.
Another tip to keep in mind is to create a recognizable username, as well as being easy to search for.. If you want to change your username, go to your profile, tap on “Edit profile”, then choose your new username and hit “Done”.

3. Your biography is your cover letter

You have already chosen your new name and you have the perfect photo. Let’s go with the last step to make an attractive profile: the biography . If you have put a short tail keyword in your name, now, in your biography, specify a little more what you do with a mid tail.
If you insert the main and secondary keywords, in your name and in your biography, it will be much easier for the Instagram search engine to tag you and throw you as a result in a similar search. In addition, not only that, but it will show you in suggested users within profiles similar to yours in “Suggestions for you”. Therefore, this is of vital importance if you want to increase your visibility on Instagram.

Finally, include a trackable link in your bio in the “Website” section, for both the user and Instagram, this is extremely useful.

4. Los hashtags son keywords

!! Congratulations!! You have the perfect profile. But that is not all. It’s time to optimize your posts . Unlike the previous steps, this has to be constant, in each and every one of the publications that we make. Keep in mind that most users do not search for you directly, but rather find you through the content you upload , and this is through hashtags. Doing a timely keyword research, we will find the hashtags that best suit our objectives. We must take into account the search volume they receive, and we must include the most generic to the most specific. The opportunities offered by the use of hashtags when it comes to being found by the target are endless. The literal translation of hashtag is “label”. That is why it is so important to be well labeled in the market that interests us.

5. The title of the publication also positions

SEO positioning on Instagram also goes through the titles you give to your posts. As we have already mentioned, the Instagram search engine is an autonomous search engine that bases its experience on keywords. Therefore, if you want to increase the reach on Instagram, it is essential to create seductive titles . Also, if you noticed, the titles are scrollable, and not all the content is displayed at once. This only happens if the user clicks “…more” . That is why the first line of the title has to contain a secondary keyword and be suggestive.

If you carry out these tips regarding the title, Instagram will reward you by pushing you to the top positions in “the magnifying glass” for people related to your activity.

6. Alt text is very important

Alt text is found within the advanced settings for new posts. Also, it is a relatively new tool that you can use to your advantage. Instagram defines this feature as “Alt text describes the content of photos for people with vision impairments. It will be created automatically or you can write it yourself” . Of course you have to write it yourself. It is the way the algorithm has, in addition to the title and the hashtags, of knowing what it is about and what is in the photo and depending on the result, it indexes it in one way or another. Take advantage of this tool and use it in your favor! It is the great unknown of SEO techniques in social networks.

7. Hashtags, also in Stories

If it is so important to label the content of the Feed and Reels publications, why shouldn’t it be in the Stories? Of course, it is just as valuable. Remember that it is the search engine’s way of knowing what type of content you upload and show it to people who may be interested, therefore, give it the same importance as in permanent publications.
Using it in Stories has an advantage, and that is that they can be hidden. If we minimize their size and take them off the screen, they are not deleted, they are simply not visible. And they have the same value!

8. Do not overlook the analysis and follow-up

Making an effort to increase the reach of your account on Instagram, without measuring the result in the short and medium term, is working in vain. Although SEO positioning on Instagram is a long-term strategy, it is not an exact science, therefore you have to carry out periodic monitoring to analyze the results it is offering and, consequently, you can gradually modify your strategy, or keep it as it is. it is, always depending on the results you get. There are several online analytical tools that allow you to fully monitor all the variables that you must consider. Use them! And don’t forget that the path is made on foot.

Trial and error, over and over again, until you get closer to your goals. Each profile is different, so experiment until you hit the nail on the head.

9. Don’t try to cheat the algorithm

Instagram, like Google, penalizes Black Hat SEO practices , which in other words, are those that try to cheat the system. Users may plan to buy followers or buy Instagram live views on EarthWeb to get easy success. The social network has a shadowban, or what is the same, an automatism that penalizes accounts that carry out actions not allowed by the company . These penalties translate into bans, total or partial, and scope limitations. Also, they can deny you the ability to follow or be followed, so be careful.

The most punishable practices are:

  • Abusing hashtags or always using the same ones, as well as those that are prohibited.
  • Exchange likes and comments fraudulently.
  • Use automated bots.
  • Buy followers or likes.

10. The Instagram search engine is a search engine

Use it as such, so that to increase your online presence, the Instagram search engine can be used as a search engine just like Google. This can increase your chances of being favored when it comes to appearing in the top positions.
Recently, Google has indexed Instagram profiles and posts in its SERP through JavaScript code, and this indicates the relationship between both search engines.

If you carry out all the techniques that we have mentioned in this post, you will ensure that you increase the options to increase the reach on Instagram and grow organically and with quality on this social network. However, keep in mind that all these actions are long term, so do not despair if you do not see the results too soon. Follow-up and consistency are the key to success for SEO positioning on Instagram .

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