Top 5 Tips to Become a Node.js Expert Developer

Node.js is one of the most powerful and user friendly runtime environments that can be used for making applications based on JavaScript. The widespread usage of Node.js for making smart applications has naturally increased the demand for them in the international markets. The Node JS experts in India typically deliver superior quality Node.js application development solutions which naturally makes their solutions highly coveted. If you are a Node.js developer, then you must focus on enhancing your skills so that you get to expand your business further. 

Here are some tips that you should explore to become an expert Node.js developer. 

Enhance your Linters

Linters are easy to work with as they can be set up quickly and you can also use an auto-pilot that guards your code and resolves major issues during your work. The linters are not only meant to enhance the aesthetic elements of the applications. Over the years, the linters have been further improved and now they can easily detect errors and issues related to your coding which should be resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Working with types and schemas like Typescript 

As most Node Js developers will tell you, coding tirelessly can definitely be counter-productive at the end of the day. They can also lead to a lot of errors. However, this does not mean that you need to follow strictly-typed syntax. You can choose schematic coding by using JSON schema to validate the entities or models or make use of Joi for annotating the vanilla JS using static typing. Alternatively, you can also use Typescript for leveraging fully-typed syntax. This method has become increasingly popular in recent times and the distinct benefits of using Typescript have led many Java developers to recommend its usage strongly. 

Using Async-Hooks for achieving better context and tracing

Single threaded models often struggle with the issue of requests losing context as they seamlessly flow through numerous files and carries out asynchronous operations. The variables are hardly ever preserved in their life-cycle. However, this is something that can be resolved with the use of async-hooks. They offer a mechanism for injecting a custom code at any point of time some kind of async operations are beginning and ending. With this, the developers can correlate the codes from the same request and effectively preserve their context.

Boost your understanding of coding architecture

The Node.js ecosystem involves too little knowledge on architecture and design. While most developers talk about Microservices, hardly any discusses their internal structure. Due to this reason, most applications are basically MVC concepts as well as other types of Ruby based doubtful patterns. MVC is actually meant for serving content and not exactly for backend structuring. As a developer, you should have a better understanding of Java coding architecture so that you build your career as one of the best app and game app developers in this global technology market.

Use the latest features of JavaScript 

Currently a wide range of new and innovative JavaScript features are being introduced and you should definitely try them out to achieve better results while developing applications. They can also enhance the efficiency of your coding.  

Learning about these five Node.js development tips can help you to attract the attention of clients who are looking to hire Node JS experts for their upcoming projects. 

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